Top Form 18" Topper Review - by Guest Blogger Allison Kroeker

Top Form 18" Topper Review - by Guest Blogger Allison Kroeker is so proud to be connected to some of the best and most informative YouTube wig gurus out there.

Top Form by Jon Renau


Top Form by Jon Renau


Allison is amazing and has such a great attitude about life! We make it a point to connect to the YouTube gurus out there that are making a difference and helping others with their reviews and advice. We have over 8,000 clients a day going through our website and many of them are doing it alone in the privacy of their own home.  We are on a mission to help you do it with a “friend” who like you, is exploring the world of alternative hair to have great hair days!   Like all our YouTube guru picked, Allison is sincere and has a beautiful spirit that shines right through. We hope her videos help you and inspire you as much as she has inspired us. 



When I started losing my hair due to my colitis medication, Jon Renau’s Top Secret was the first hair piece I tried, and it made me feel like myself again. It made me feel beautiful! For that reason I was so excited to try out the Top Form. I wanted to experiment with a real human hair topper that I could heat style.



Jon Renau’s Top Form is 18 inches of gorgeous, high quality Remy Human Hair. It features a double monofilament top which allows me to switch the direction of the part. The base is a great size and provides ample coverage around my head. I particularly love that the front of the topper is not too thick which makes it easier to blend with my thinner bio hair. One feature I wish it had was some stretch to the base. I find it easier to scoop and clip when the base stretches, but that doesn’t affect it’s comfort. It breathes and it’s comfortable to wear all day.


Top Form by Jon Renau


The shade I chose is 12FS8 which is a gorgeous blonde blend with roots. The roots really help the topper look more natural. And, so does the part! You can get right up close to my head and it looks like scalp.

Jon Renau’s Top Form did not disappoint. It’s a stunning, high quality piece and I can’t wait to play around with styling it some more.


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