Toppers: How To Measure, Determine the Right Base, and Apply

Hair Toppers: How To Measure, Determine the Right Base, and Apply

1 in 4 women in the United States have some form of hair loss. Hair loss comes in many forms, from thin, fine hair at the front hairline to advanced diffused hair loss throughout. Not every woman is ready for a full system or wig; Jon Renau hair toppers are great for everything ranging from fashion to the mid-progressive stages of hair loss.


Hair Topper


How to properly measure for a hair topper

Follow these steps to determine the size of the area that needs coverage.

1. Determine the area of hair loss
2. Using a fabric measuring tape, measure area from front to back and record results
3. Measure area from side to side and record results



How to apply a hair topper

Follow these steps to properly apply the topper you have chosen.

1. Place over area of hair loss and check in the mirror for balance and style
2. Apply front of topper about 1”-2” (2.5 - 5 cm) back from the natural hair line. Incorporate natural hairline (if available) for most natural look
3. Secure front clip. Place hand on top of base to support as you secure the back clip(s), keeping base flat and taught against head. Do not pull when applying
4. Secure side clips, keeping base flat and taught against head
5. Blend topper with hair and style as desired

If there is no hair present at the clip attachment site, you can remove the clip and apply using adhesive (on polyurethane areas only).

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