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Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day

Posted on September 18 2019

Do you wear a wig every day? Follow these tips to keep your wig looking its best, so that you never have a bad hair day. See the video at the end for visual assistance!


Everyday Wig Wearing 

Wig Cap Liners

Every time you wear your wig, wear a wig cap liner underneath it. Popular liners include nylon or mesh wig caps. This little cap is important because it keeps your wig secure and clean. If you don’t have any biological hair, you still should wear a liner. If a traditional wig cap isn’t your style, you can also try the disposable Headline It No Sweat liner.

Switch Up Your Wigs 

You probably don’t wear the same shoes every day, so why wear the same wig every day. It’s best to have three wigs ready at all times because you can rotate through these three wigs to reduce wear and tear. Wear the same style or switch up your hairstyle every day - your choice!


Wash every 8-10 wears

Just like biological hair, wigs shouldn’t be washed every day either. Depending on how often you wear a wig, your activity level, and how much you sweat daily will determine how frequently you should wash your wig. We generally recommend washing your wig every 8 – 10 wears.

If you follow the previous tip and have several wigs in rotation, you can cut down on how much time you spend washing your wigs! If you’d like to learn how to wash your wig like an expert, watch the video below.



Measure Your Head For The Correct Size

The size and fit of a wig are important to ensure all day comfort. Try on your wigs to check the fit. Is your wig itchy? Does it slide on your head? If you don’t have a secure fit, you might need a different size wig.

Wigs come in three sizes: petite, average, and large. You can use a tape measure to find out your wig size. Check out our blog on how to measure your head.


Protect Your Wig Features

At, we carry hundreds of ready-to-wear wigs that don't require tape or glue for a secure fit. However, if you do decide to secure your wig with tape or glue, we advise that you do your research first in order to protect your lace front. If you are having trouble securing your wig, you can measure your head for wigs again.

We also advise that you do not sleep in your wigs. The friction caused by your head rubbing against your pillow all night can damage the delicate parts of your wig, like the lace front or the monofilament top.


How To Properly Store Your Wig

    Before heading to bed every night, make sure you remove your wig. Everyday wigs should be stored safely on a wig stand or a wig head. It’s important to store your wig somewhere cool and dry.


    Touch-ups and Taming

      If your wig needs some taming throughout the day, avoid paddle brushes or round brushes. These tools can cause frizzing issues. Always keep a wide-tooth comb stashed in your bag for a quick touch-up.

      Your wig might start looking a bit flat or you might spy some flyaway hairs. To restore volume back to your hairline, gently rub at the knots of your wig towards the back of your head. For flyaway hairs, utilize heat and friction. Rub your hands vigorously together and use the heat to smooth the wig fibers.

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      • Starr: October 01, 2019

        I’m so glad u showed how to measure your head. Plus, I never knew that a petite wig cap was even available! I was never, ever told this when I went to buy my first wig in a very popular wig store where I live. My story is that I’ve been on 2 different types of medications since I was 15 years old. I have to be on it for the rest of my life. Now I’m 44.Unfortunately, I had no idea that this medicine very slowly can sometimes, with some people make their hair fall out & become extremely thin.I used to have very thick long hair. I had probably been on my meds for about 10yrs at that time & noticed over a short time my hair was starting to get so thin that I was always wearing it up cause I was so embarrassed by how my hair looked. So, I went to the Dr & was diagnosed with alopecia. I’m not completely bald, but when my hair starts to grow back in, the way it grows back is horrible! I have bald spots all over my head. So I just cut what I have of my own hair down to my scalp. So I’ve been wearing wonderful wigs for decades now. I love wigs, but with my medical issue, I have to be on disability. So it’s beyond difficult for me to afford a good wig. But as I was looking through your site, I found 2 wigs that I so absolutely love!!! Being able to afford them is an entirely different story. I basically don’t leave my home unless I’m forced too. Like having to go to the Dr’s office. The most difficult thing about this is, that I’m married to the most wonderful man who accepts me as I am. But I’d Love to look for once, beautiful for him. I really don’t know why I’m even writing this. Guess I just wanted other people to know that there are women out there that have this issue & just can’t afford the 2beautiful wigs that I put in my shopping cart. Even though knowing the entire time I can’t afford them. I just don’t understand how all these other women can afford to buy wigs as often as they do. I’d just for once love to go out with my husband and not have him be embarrassed to be seen with me. I just stay home, & it’s making me severely depressed. I apologize for telling you all this, but I guess I just needed to tell someone who I thought would understand in some way. Thank you for listening to me, it’s much, much appreciated. Very Sincerely, Starrlene Holloway --(

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