Wearing Your Wig on a Girl’s Trip or Sleepovers!

Wearing Your Wig on a Girl’s Trip or Sleepovers!

Finally, you get to go on a well-deserved girl’s trip! Work and family life have been wearing on you, but your small getaway is almost here. On the other hand, maybe your sleepover involves just one particular special someone!
No matter your company, you’re looking at a night away. As you excitedly pack your bag, you notice your reflection and remember you have to make a plan for your wig.
Listen, at Wigs.com, our official stance on sleeping with a wig on is simple: don’t. A night of snoozing on your wearable hair could lead to tangles and matting. However, we’re humans too and we know life happens.
There are a few different reasons one might find themselves hitting the hay with a hairpiece. While some women have no issues being open with their faux hair, others prefer discretion. Neither is wrong!
Wearing a wig is only a tiny part of who you are and it does not define your value. Therefore, if you’re on an overnight trip with friends or a significant other and you’d rather not remove your wig, leave it on. Never miss out on an experience just because you will have to snooze in your wearable hair.
For these sleepover situations, we only ask that you plan ahead! The smallest amount of preparation can help you avoid any major issues.


1. Confide in a friend

It can help to explain your anxieties to a confidant. If your friends are making room arrangements, suggest you share your hotel room with a close friend. This friend may already know your hair situation, or she may be someone you feel comfortable disclosing to before the trip.

2.   Pack supplies

The first suggestion isn’t a viable option in all situations and that is okay. This is the step where you begin to prepare for sleeping in your wig.
It is important that you pack all of your wig hair care products. If it’s easier, bring trial-sized versions. You’ll want your shampoo and conditioner, a detangler, a comb, and any other extras, like oils or serums. Ideally, you won’t have to perform routine maintenance on your wig on your trip, but better to be ready.
If you have a silk pillowcase, throw it in your suitcase. If you don’t own one and you have time, order one. Silk pillowcases reduce friction on your wig, decreasing the chances of matting and general bedhead. A silk scarf would also work.
Also, pack a headband, bandana, or whatever product you can use to conceal your hairline. In the morning, if you have to rush to breakfast and can’t blend your wig, the headband will keep your secret for you.


3.   Try some braids

If you’re able to before dozing off, and your wig’s strands are long enough, twist the hair into a braid or two.
Braids are nice because, by morning, they add texture and wave to your hair without using heat tools. More importantly, though, they keep your hair structured while you sleep and prevents friction, just like the silk pillowcase.

Do you have experience with sleeping in your wig? What tips and tricks do you have? Share in the comments!

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I definitely recommend braids! What I like to do is either a low side braid, or two low pigtail braids. They are low, so not as uncomfortable to sleep on, and if you comb before bed and then braid, you can wake up, spray your favorite spray on your hair, tousle it with your fingers, and you’re ready to go to breakfast or start the day’s adventure!


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