What Is It About Ponies?

What Is It About Ponies?

Ponytails are great for form and function, and for those blessed with long hair, it's fun to take advantage of the endless potential of different ponytail hairstyles. Of course, getting your hair off your face and neck is the first and foremost reason for ponytails, but different textures, lengths, and overall look can have a glamorizing effect on the wearer. Luckily, even those with shorter hair can amp it up and add lots of drama with a good wrap around ponytail extension! Here's some of the reasons we love ponytails.


Classic Ponytail Hairstyles

Historically, we love to love to laugh about the how a low pony at the nape of your neck will have you looking more “eager to begin your woodworking apprenticeship” in colonial America. Just because our forefathers were killing it with their long bobs pulled back doesn’t mean you should feel self-conscious about rocking it! If you want to ensure a more glamorous version of the low pony, check out this edgy ponytail extension with a streak of color.


Jumping forward in time, we can thank fashion icons of the 60s like Brigitte Bardot, and the popularity of hairspray for the careless yet flawless high-pony. Creating height and a big frame around the face, with a classic flip at the bottom is the polished version of this look, and is as sexy now as it was then. A good clip-in extension like Angel Hair will do wonders if you don't quite have the natural length required.


One of the most iconic ponytail styles is the classic 1980s side-pony. When exaggerating and recreating this look, we usually go high up top and spouting a fountain of hair above the ear. While this may not have been the most accurate representation of the classic valley girl, the essence of the 80s is volume and texture. The mod chicks of the 60s kept their voluminous ponies sleek, but the 80s was all for waving, curling, and crimping. If your hair is limp when you want it to look, like, totally rad, go for a wrap around ponytail extension that comes with its own curls.


Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

The hot modern ponytail look, frequented by Kim Kardashian, encapsulates the best of all worlds. High volume, intense length and thickness, and a sleek, straight shine is highly desirable and just plain hard to come by naturally. Thanks to the damage we inflict on our slow-growing hair, achieving the perfect model ponytail seen all over Instagram is a big challenge. Instead of struggling to be patient, wrap around over two feet of hair with the lovely 25" Straight Pony extension by Hairdo.


Whether you’re out for a jog or sitting pretty, when done well, a ponytail is iconic and can be styled for any occasion. Don’t limit your hair to one kind of ponytail hairstyle when there are limitless ways to use it! The versatility and proven timelessness of a good ponytail is something anyone’s look can benefit from.


Do you love ponytails? We want to hear what you think! Tell us in the comments section below!




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