What are Yaki Wigs?

What are Yaki Wigs?

There are so many types of hair extensions available to buy, and depending on the texture of your hair there is always a best option to go with. There are a handful of different types of hair extensions you can buy from such as synthetic, human, even a hybrid of the two, and a few others. Which brings us to one of the many hair types to choose from called Yaki hair. You may be thinking, “what is Yaki hair?” but don’t worry we’ll tell you all you need to know about Yaki hair and by the end you may even find it to be the best option for you.



So what is Yaki hair? To start, Yaki hair extensions resemble the appearance of relaxed or flat-ironed African American hair. Natural African American hair has many different curl patterns and textures. Once any of those hair textures is chemically relaxed or pressed out the curl straightens out and has a thick and straight appearance. Yaki hair extensions are mainly popular for the natural feel and look for those who have relaxed or straightened hair and want to add length without having an obvious separation. So it’s perfect for creating quick and easy styles such as adding hair into a half updo, a bun hairstyle, or to simply give your hair more volume.

The main reason people choose Yaki hair is for the texture it provides that helps create the most seamless look for those who have a similar texture. You can even find “Yaki-textured” wigs that provide a very natural look such as H-157 by Vivica Fox.


H-157 by Vivica Fox

H-157 by Vivica Fox | Shop


The best part about Yaki hair is that it comes in a variety of different textures, so one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. You can find Yaki hair in silky, kinky curly, and regular textures. Everyone’s hair is different based on thickness and curl patterns; so for those who have very thick hair with a tight curl pattern kinky curly Yaki hair extensions are a great option, and someone with finer hair with a softer curl pattern would prefer silky Yaki hair extensions. While it is subtle changes between the types of Yaki hair, choosing the right type for your hair can make all the difference.

It’s nice to know that there are so many options of hair extensions available to us. Our hair allows us to switch things up depending on our style and mood; we color our hair, cut it, add length, and create different styles daily. The cool thing about Yaki hair is that it helps so many people enhance and embrace the beauty of their natural hair texture. Hairstyle ideas are endless when you can create different looks using hair extensions that mimic the appearance of your natural hair. At this point its safe to say you know the all there is to know about Yaki hair, so if you’re in the market for Yaki hair you can feel confident knowing it is one of the best options for a natural and blended look!

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