What To Say If Asked If Wearing a Wig?

April 18, 2023

Have you ever been asked if you were wearing a wig? 

It can be difficult to know what to say at that moment. Whether you experience hair loss due to health issues or lifestyle choices, it is completely normal and okay to wear wigs. We get asked this question so often, we decided to reach out to our customers and the hair loss community on social media to ask them to share what they say. We hope their feedback gives you the confidence boost needed out there on your journey!

“I have fun with it. First of all, I do receive compliments about my hair when I’m out and about and it always turns into a fun and animated conversation! When someone tells me my hair looks great I always very happily thank them and say: ‘Thank you!! It’s fake!! But the rest of me is real!’ That sets the tone for the conversation! I end up telling how great and easy wearing a wig is. Some want to touch and that’s fine. I showcase lace fronts and hairlines and it always gets a positive reaction! Over the years, I’ve recommended many wigs and that makes me happy!”

-Cathe Lartigue (@atypical60 on Instagram)  

“I’ve never been bluntly asked, but that may be because I’m so quick to say it myself. Women compliment my hair nearly everyday and I love telling them where they can buy it! They are always shocked, but not in a bad way! If someone is unfamiliar with wigs they tend to have a false idea of what they look like. So when they see a good lace front for the first time, their mind is blown! Then the shock swaps to curiosity. I love helping women learn the options they have when it comes to wearing hair. Whether it be purely for fun or due to hair loss, you have so many incredible options to help you feel your best! If you’re feeling insecure and worried someone may ask you, just own it. Most women are just curious and are interested to hear more about it. I talk about it no differently than if someone asked me where my sweater is from. To me it’s just an accessory and I love changing it up frequently!”

-Jenna Fail (@Jenna_Fail on Instagram)

Jenna wearing Drive by Ellen Wille in color Pearl Blonde Rooted

“First off I have to be honest, these look incredibly natural on me and most always I get..."I love your hair"...’Can I take a picture of your hair’ ... ‘Your hair always looks so good’..then when I tell them it is a WIG, they go, .’Shut up, you're kidding’ or ‘No way, prove it!’
Once I share, they are impressed and ask where I get them and comment on how natural It looks. 
The next question is usually why I wear a wig: well COVID came into my life and I had delayed hair loss, thinning and I was feeling not so confident. I saw a friend with one on that looked like my own hair before it started thinning and falling out so I went for it. Now I'm MADLY in love and what used to be a big problem, I like to call it a WIG problem. It makes getting ready in the morning super easy and it makes me confident in my own skin daily. NO REGRETS here! 
I'll even continue wearing as I am now starting to get some re-growth back in my hair, but the convenience and beauty of wigs is my go to! Then I will refer them to you!”

-Mandi Trost (@manditrost on Instagram)

Mandi is wearing Ignite by Jon Renau in color FS17/101S18

“Absolutely, I am wearing a wig, and it’s one of my most favorite accessories. I feel like a different person every time I wear a new one, do you have any favorite accessories you like to wear? 

This usually ends up into a great conversation, where I can share my love for wigs, and how they have changed and my life for the better.”

-Kim Hammon (@letstalkwithkim on Instagram)

Kim is wearing Ellen Wille's Attract in color Sandy Blonde Rooted

Susan is wearing Show Stopper by Raquel Welch in color RL8/29

“I rarely am asked ‘If I'm wearing a wig’. Most people compliment me on my hair and how beautiful it is. I simply say, ‘Thank you’. My girlfriends are shocked at how many compliments I get. It is a big self esteem boost to have so much positive attention. Friends who are a little ‘envious’ will tell the person making the compliment, ‘you should see her real hair’. I know they are a little ‘green eyed’ so I let it slide.

I wear wigs all the time. I change shades, cuts and styles all the time. I love the flexibility and I really love how I feel when I look in the mirror and see the beautiful, put-together woman that I am. I am still surprised when I see my reflection. Wigs elevate my style just like a nice manicure and beautiful lashes. These are just a few of my wigs. My favorite wigs are from Wigs.com. You have a great return policy and are super easy to work with.

I am 60 and I am in the best physical shape of my life. I waterski, snow ski and feel like I'm in my 40s. I am going through a divorce and I have started dating. Oftentimes, women ask me how men feel about my wigs. So far every eligible man I have met has been thrilled that I wear wigs. Wigs complete my look and make me look my best. Jenna Fail inspired me to embrace my wig life. Why not!? Life is to be lived and I'm living my best life! Wigs are for everyone now! No judgment. Be YOU!”

-Susan (@sparkles_intheworld on Instagram)

Although it may be intimidating to answer someone’s compliments or queries about your wig, keep in mind all the inspiring women that have shared their experiences with you. They showed us that you don’t need to shy away from wearing wigs or talking about it! So, no matter how you choose to answer—whether it be honest or witty—you should not shy away from stating what makes you feel confident and comfortable. What do you say or what do you plan to say when someone asks you? Comment below, let us know!

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