What Your Hair Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Hair Color Says About Your Personality

From funky red, trendy jet black, or perky pastel pink — with all the colors in the world, there’s quite a bit of different statements you can make with your hair color. From wild and free, edgy, or professional — it’s no secret that our color definitely says something about ourselves and presents who we are before we even get the chance to introduce ourselves.

What Does Your Hair Color Say About You?

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite colors trends that we feel definitely make a statement about who we are without needing to use words. So, let’s talk about a couple different hair colors and what they truly say about your personality!

Bright Hair Colors

From pastel pink, blaring navy blue, or Ariel hot red — the choices are endless. When we see guys or girls rocking these gorgeous colors, there’s one thing that pops into our minds: they definitely know how to have fun! Usually when people are willing to permanently dye their hair color something bold and unnatural, it shows us they are outgoing, wild, and like to express themselves through their own personal creation of art.

  • Blue is the color of water and the sky, both are vast areas of space and matter. Blue hair signifies and open mind and willingness to accept new ideas! 
  • Pink is the color of love and passion, rosy cheeks signify youth and joy. Pink hair reflects a warm personality that likes to make new friends and acquaintances, learn new stories and share experiences! 
  • Purple is often used to express culture and individuality. Those who love purple or violet hair have a tendency to think deeply and search inside themselves to decide what are the important things in life, and what the best way is to communicate that to the world. 
  • Orange or yellow hair is an expression of spice for life and the love of new adventures! People who choose bright yellow or orange shades like to be the leader of the pack and break the mold, always bringing a surprising new fashion or idea to the table!

Often times individuals with this taste also like to create visual arts and music, craft, paint and be creative. It’s not to say individuals who don’t express their creativity in these ways aren’t outgoing or fun, but I think it’s safe to say that a colorful hairstyles definitely shows how much of a free spirit you are, and shows that you’re proud to own it! Embrace the wild side — and live totally free!

Black, Blonde, or Brunette Hair

It’s no secret that natural colors are absolutely stunning. Whether you’re born with blonde, brunette, black, or even red — whatever it is, your natural hair color is a true representation of you, and shows that you feel totally comfortable in your own skin. When we see most people rocking their natural color or a natural looking color on their hair, we generally recognize these individuals to be professional and down to earth.

  • Black is technically the absence of all color, so what's interesting about those who wear this color is that they are always searching into the world around them, looking for answers to all of life's largest questions. Black signifies the ability to think outside the box, and look beyond what others see.
  • Brunette's are bold and never afraid to speak their mind. Brown is a very natural color, and this translates into brunette's tendency to bring everyone back to reality and be truthful and honest, always. This make them great friends to have!
  • Although Blonde's have developed a stereotype, it's actually more accurate that people with this hair color are perceptive and often take a motherly and caring role among peers and friends. Natural blonde's have thinner hair strands, but have thick hair because they have a higher density - or more hairs on their head. So be careful that you never judge a book by it's cover, because there's more to a blonde than you might think! 

Of course these generalities don’t apply to everyone, but in most cases natural hair colors show that you’re comfortable in your own skin, happy with who you are, and know how to find the perfect balance of work and fun. Generally, this expresses that you’re a hard-worker, passionate, and motivated, and that is definitely something that deserves recognition! You do you, girl!

Colorful Highlights

And lastly, the last hair style we want to mention today is bold and beautiful highlights. Think a rocker girl like Avril Lavigne, and think about all the beautiful hair styles that go along with her. Everything from a couple of strands of bright red, purple, silver, or blue — girls with these hairstyles generally know how to have fun, and are often highly creative with art or music.

Just like everyone's favorite bad girl ‘Jade’ from “Victorious”, you can expect ladies that rock this style to be rockers, artists, or college students, and definitely the girl in the room that we all aspire to be. Take note of her style, incorporate it into your own, and learn how to embrace all the beauty in your mind and turn it outwards towards your appearance. Find your style, and rock it girl!

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What colors do you like to have in your hair? Tell us which ways your hair reflects your personality in the comments!


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