Where Can I Buy Wigs That Look Real?

Where Can I Buy Wigs That Look Real?

Spoiler alert: at Wigs.com!

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, as we all tend to do at some point in the day. After only a minute into the scrolling, I was treated to a wig advertisement. You know the one, that ad that follows you everywhere you turn in the cyber-world, because you simply Googled a related term 5 months ago.

On this specific day of social media browsing, the advertisement suggested a $9 wig to me. It was a short black bob. It looked cute and it even looked real in the picture. I didn’t believe it for a second. Neither should you.

Folks, I’ve been burned before, but I did it for you. I got burned so you don’t have to. In my early days of wig-wearing, I decided on a long black wig. I bought a cheap one from a popular retail giant. It only costed a little over $10. What a steal, right?

Not exactly. The wig was incredibly uncomfortable. I couldn’t wear it for long periods of time. I had to take it off regularly just to let my head get some air.  Worst of all, it looked horrendously fake.

It had this horrible plastic shine. It was stiff and felt like straw. There wasn’t even a part! It just sat unnaturally on the top of my head while I reprimanded myself for falling into a to-go-to-be-true scheme.

These are the very real dangers of a bad wig. And we don't want that for you! You deserve a great wig. Your hard earned money should go towards a wig that looks realistic! So many factors go into a beautiful hairpiece. Whether you decide to go synthetic or human hair, quality construction and materials are vital.

Where To Buy Wigs That Look Real

When it comes to wigs, I have, thankfully, gotten my act together. I know better now. Wigs.com is the only name I trust now, because they consistently provide high-quality and realistic wigs. All of their products are made by the top names in the industry, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

If you’d like somewhere to start, I can give you two of my favorites. For a human hair lace front wig, I absolutely love Sienna by Jon Renau.

Straight Blonde Wig

My favorite synthetic wig is Code Mono by Ellen Wille. Both pieces give me the length I crave while providing a realistic look and a lace front that fools everyone. I get nothing but compliments!


Have you experienced a wig disaster? Tell us about it in the comments!

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