Wig Styles For Women of Any Age

Wig Styles For Women of Any Age

Changing up your look is something that - for women - happens more often than we get oil changes in our cars. Whether we add some new accessory, add a bang or do a complete closet purge... trends and fads may fade, but our personal style will never diminish; it will simply continue to evolve and flourish. However, this is not to say that getting into a fashion rut is incredibly easy!



So what happens when we look into the mirror one day and see the same look we have been rockin’ for over a year? Even if this look is doing wonders and continuing to slay the scene… it is easy to feel stuck. Women, especially as we age, can find it exponentially easier to have one look, hairstyle, or beauty routine to save time or to avoid the fear of trying something that might not work. 

Well, for all of those women who are ready to make a change, or who are curious about what their options might be, here are a few ideas as we waltz into this new summer season.


For the woman in her 40s

Why be a wallflower when you can use your 40's to explore new beauty avenues previously not open to you?

After all, do you see anyone trying to lock Taraji P. Henson away? She is at the top of her fashion game and her hair has never been more spectacular. If you are feeling that your style has become a bit lackluster, I recommend her current streamlined lob. This gives you the option to style a few different ways with the length, but still provides the body and texture that keeps you looking youthful and fun!


Get Taraji P. Henson's lob with Haute by Jon Renau


For the woman in her 50s

When my mom turned 50, she was terrified of going to the salon and getting what she called “the grandma.” Despite the fact that she did not currently have grandchildren, she was worried that the only options she would be offered would be ones that she saw her mom sporting - and she didn’t want that. But if we can learn anything from any celebrity, like Julianne Moore, it is easy to see that 50 does not mean that it is time to throw in the towel. Her natural wavy hair and shoulder length lob gives her a million and a half style options while still giving her the volume to give her a healthy, youthful bounce to her look.


Get Julianne Moore's look with Emotion by Ellen Wille


For the woman in her 60s

When I think about style legends in their sixties, there is one woman who always comes to mind first: Iman. Throughout her modeling career, Iman was always her own woman; and she certainly hasn’t changed in that respect.


Get Iman's Look with H Volta Wig by Motown Tress


When asked about her ever changing hairstyles in reference to how young she looked, she gave some advice to women who are struggling to find their “look.” For women who are experiencing hair loss or who wear lot of wigs, avoid thin or cheaply made hair. This will make you appear more gaunt or will age you in a way you don’t want. Now, you don’t want to be hiding behind your hair, you want it to be an extension of your personality. Whether that is with a finger waved shoulder length style, or something with a brow frame bang!


For the woman who is timeless

For the women who are anything but ordinary, where age really is simply a number, the struggle they may find themselves facing is trying to decide from so many options. We do recommend lace front wigs and monofilament wigs for have the most natural look.

For women who fit this description, I suggest we all take a page out of Helen Mirren’s book. A woman with a very defined look who still always looks fresh and new every time she struts in the sun. Her current short style is low maintenance, but with the texturing and thickness has far more options for styles than you may think. With this look you are not only free from excess hair weight, but every morning can still provide the chance for another creative option for your hair.


Please note*: Our wigs.com guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them! 


What are your favorite timeless hairstyles?

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