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Medical Wigs: Wigs Made For Sensitive Scalps

Posted on April 07 2020

At, we often get asked what are the best medical wigs. A medical wigs is specifically designed for those with sensitive scalps due to medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, or are experiencing side effects due to prescription medications. For these wig wearers comfort and coverage are key. Medical wigs are extremely light-weight and made with softer materials than traditional basic cap wigs. For these types of wigs, you can even have your wigs covered by insurance

Even though each person has their own preferences when it comes to wig cap constructions, there are some key features that you should look for in your medical wig to ensure comfort.

Wig Cap Features

Velvet Ear Tabs

Ear tabs are used to guide the placement of your wig on your head. Ear tabs on wigs can come in a variety of types including closed, open, velvet-lined, and even silicone-lined. For medical wigs, we recommend velvet-lined ear tabs because the soft material will prevent itchiness while wearing your wig.  

Velvet Ear TabsLace Front

A lace front means that each hair is artfully hand-tied into a soft lace material, which creates a natural front hairline at the front of your wig. This hand-tied technique allows you to part the hair seamlessly because the fibers will now move like your own biological hair. We recommend a lace front for medical wig wearers because the lace material is softer than the material that is used to make a traditional, basic cap. 

Lace Front Wig

Double Monofilament Top

A double monofilament top uses the same hand-tied technique as a lace front but covers the entire top area of a wig. A double monofilament top is different than a monofilament top because a double monofilament top has an extra soft layer that protects your head from the knots of the hair. We recommend double monofilament top wigs as your next medical wig because the extra lace layer will provide comfort for your sensitive scalp.

Double Monofilament Wigs

Hand-Tied Cap

A hand-tied cap uses the same technique of a lace front but covers the majority of the wig cap. A hand-tied wig cap can be a partially hand-tied or 100% hand-tied. A partially hand-tied wig cap has the hand-tied feature at the crown area with the back and nape made of closed wefts. A 100% hand-tied wig has the hand-tied technique used on the entire wig cap. For medical wigs, we recommend hand-tied cap because the entire cap uses the soft material, so it's like your wearing a soft, head wrap all day!

Hand Tied Wig

Wigs For Medical Use

We hope that the above information is helpful, so you can find the best medical wig for you! We've put together a video of our Expert's Top 5 Wigs that are perfect for those with sensitive scalps. 


Liked any of the styles featured in the video? See more of them:

  • Camilla by Jon Renau in color 12FS8
  • Air by Ellen Wille in color Sandy Blonde Rooted
  • Center Stage by Raquel Welch in color R12/26H
  • Savoir Fare by Raquel Welch in color SS12/22
  • Fortune by Ellen Wille in color Caramel Rooted

    Wanting to see even more medical wig styles? Shop our selection of wigs for sensitive scalps.

    Have questions about wig cap comfort or want to know more about medical wigs? Comment below and we'll be sure to give advice when we can!


    • The Wig Experts: May 29, 2020

      Hi Anne,

      Some colors we recommend for your color preference are Salt Pepper Mix from Ellen Wille and GL 44-51 from Gabor.

      If you need assistance choosing the perfect styles that matches your hair cut, we recommend reaching out to our Client Care Representatives by phone or email! Our Reps are available from Monday – Friday from 8am – 6:30pm CST and can be reached by phone at 800-581-2001 and by email at!

      - The Wig Experts

    • Anne Berman: May 29, 2020

      I need a salt and pepper grey mid-nick parted wig. I have never worn a wig before, but I’d like my wig to resemble my actual hairstyle. I am 72 years old and my hair is thinning rapidly. Thank you!

    • The Wig Experts: May 14, 2020

      Hi Kathy,

      You can browse our selection of petite cap sized wigs that are mid-length and have a lace front here:

      We recommend styles from the brand Ellen Wille as they feature a more natural hair density.

      If you are having trouble finding the perfect style for you, we recommend reaching out to our Client Care Representatives by phone or email! They will be sure to help you find the perfect style for you. Our Reps are available from Monday – Friday from 8am – 6:30pm CST and can be reached by phone at 800-581-2001 and by email at!

      - The Wig Experts

    • KATHY Calame: May 14, 2020

      I am looking for a petite lace front mono synthetic wig. I would like a natural style which is thinner than regular wigs , lays flat, mdm length, straight, blonde and poss hand tied as I have hardly any hair left. Most wigs are itchy.

      Wigs I like are: peppermint, code show stopper or one of those.
      Can you help me find one? I would really appreciate it…

    • Carole Miller: April 28, 2020

      I Luv my chance wig! It feels so soft and lovely! !

    • The Wig Experts: April 24, 2020

      Hi Hilda,

      Here’s our selection of short wigs that are available in gray and white colors:

      We recommend looking at colors that include the numbers 50 and higher i.e. 60, 101, etc.

      - The Wig Experts

    • Hilda V Mujica: April 24, 2020

      I need a short white wig

    • The Wig Experts: April 20, 2020

      Hi Linda,

      For expert assistance, we recommend reaching out to our Client Care Representatives via email at or via phone at 800-581-2001.

      - The Wig Experts

    • Linda Wilcox: April 20, 2020

      Being a first timer I need HELP so please return my email and I will explain in more detail

    • The Wig Experts: April 16, 2020

      Hi Melanie,

      Thank you so much for your comment – we’ll be sure to share it with our audience! We’re happy that wigs have given you an outlet to express yourself!

      - The Wig Experts

    • The Wig Experts: April 16, 2020

      Hi Terry!

      You can shop our selection of petite sized wigs here:

      - The Wig Experts

    • melanie Rodruguez Adorno: April 16, 2020

      I’m happy 2b the first to comment. I want to first thank your company for putting out this video check full of highly valuable information
      I have bought many, many wigs from you maybe 10 or 20 they are all a part of my day to day life they have provided me confidence, alternatives in style, color, and texture, they answer to all of my many personality traits and allow me the freedom to express from my most happy to my most sad self, they allow me to be fun, witty,sassy,sexy, and very conservative if I choose. My life and its quality came alive and much happier since having this company allowing me quality wigs as a daily part of my wardrobe. My hairloss and its debilitating affects are a thing of the past. The hair I wear is me, and its mine. A Rose by any other name is still a Rose. Thank you
      With much love and gratitude
      PS please feel free to share, repost and do as you will with my comment, u have my consent as I want every woman to feel as I do 🥰

    • Terry Baxter : April 16, 2020

      I am looking for petite size wigs, do you have any?

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