Wigs For Medical Hair Loss

Medical Wigs: Wigs Made For Sensitive Scalps

At Wigs.com, we often get asked what are the best medical wigs. A medical wigs is specifically designed for those with sensitive scalps due to medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, or are experiencing side effects due to prescription medications. For these wig wearers comfort and coverage are key. Medical wigs are extremely light-weight and made with softer materials than traditional basic cap wigs. For these types of wigs, you can even have your wigs covered by insurance

Even though each person has their own preferences when it comes to wig cap constructions, there are some key features that you should look for in your medical wig to ensure comfort.

Wig Cap Features

Velvet Ear Tabs

Ear tabs are used to guide the placement of your wig on your head. Ear tabs on wigs can come in a variety of types including closed, open, velvet-lined, and even silicone-lined. For medical wigs, we recommend velvet-lined ear tabs because the soft material will prevent itchiness while wearing your wig.  

Velvet Ear TabsLace Front

A lace front means that each hair is artfully hand-tied into a soft lace material, which creates a natural front hairline at the front of your wig. This hand-tied technique allows you to part the hair seamlessly because the fibers will now move like your own biological hair. We recommend a lace front for medical wig wearers because the lace material is softer than the material that is used to make a traditional, basic cap. 

Lace Front Wig

Double Monofilament Top

A double monofilament top uses the same hand-tied technique as a lace front but covers the entire top area of a wig. A double monofilament top is different than a monofilament top because a double monofilament top has an extra soft layer that protects your head from the knots of the hair. We recommend double monofilament top wigs as your next medical wig because the extra lace layer will provide comfort for your sensitive scalp.

Double Monofilament Wigs

Hand-Tied Cap

A hand-tied cap uses the same technique of a lace front but covers the majority of the wig cap. A hand-tied wig cap can be a partially hand-tied or 100% hand-tied. A partially hand-tied wig cap has the hand-tied feature at the crown area with the back and nape made of closed wefts. A 100% hand-tied wig has the hand-tied technique used on the entire wig cap. For medical wigs, we recommend hand-tied cap because the entire cap uses the soft material, so it's like your wearing a soft, head wrap all day!

Hand Tied Wig

Wigs For Medical Use

We hope that the above information is helpful, so you can find the best medical wig for you! We've put together a video of our Expert's Top 5 Wigs that are perfect for those with sensitive scalps. 


Liked any of the styles featured in the video? See more of them:

  • Camilla by Jon Renau in color 12FS8
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  • Center Stage by Raquel Welch in color R12/26H
  • Savoir Fare by Raquel Welch in color SS12/22
  • Fortune by Ellen Wille in color Caramel Rooted

    Wanting to see even more medical wig styles? Shop our selection of wigs for sensitive scalps.

    Have questions about wig cap comfort or want to know more about medical wigs? Comment below and we'll be sure to give advice when we can!

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