Women's Synthetic Wigs | For Summer

Women's Synthetic Wigs | For Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me... you are already dreading it. I lead a fairly active lifestyle, but being outside with my hair in the summer and in the sun can destroy a hairstyle in minutes. From the baby hairs on the back of my neck and my forehead that become plastered to my skin by sweat to how my curls can be deflated the instant I leave AC.

When this time year comes around, many women find it easier to chop off all of their hair to avoid the downsides of long hair in the heat. But what if you aren’t ready to make that commitment? Well, you can go the route I go, which is get a lob (long bob)! Once you get a bit more confidence in shaping your look with short hair, you can do what is the much safer, and maybe more exciting option: short wigs!


When you are wearing a wig in the summer heat, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


  • Wash your wig regularly! Now, while washing your hair piece on a daily basis is gratuitous, you will need to wash it a bit more often than you would in the winter months to prevent sweat and excess oil buildup.


  • Stretchy Wig Caps are your friend. Some wig caps are made from a material that stays tight to your head and oftentimes prevents the scalp from being able to breathe. This will add to the potential of you overheating in these summer months. I strongly suggest a mesh wig cap with built-in ventilation that will help you not only feel more comfortable and cooler, but will still allow you to wear whatever style of hairpiece you want.

There are a few styles that I believe to be superior to others, and will allow you to continue to elevate your style while keeping the hair off of your neck. Below are links and descriptions of some wigs that work with many different face shapes and will be perfect for the upcoming summer months!


Tori | Rene of Paris Tori Short Synthetic Wig by Rene of Paris


This wig is a best-selling sexy bob that gives the illusion that you just stepped out of a salon. With a sleek angled cut that features bold, blunt bangs and a tapered back, even Anna Wintour couldn’t negate this wig’s potential to be high fashion.


Sweet Talk by GaborSweet Talk Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Gabor

This wig is a personal favorite of mine for summer. It's a lace front wig, which adds a modern twist to this old school beauty look. This wig is incredibly natural looking and it’s unstructured air-dried waves matched with a light, comfortable fit will make this wig a constant in any woman’s cabinet.


Editor's Pick | Raquel WelchEditor’s Pick Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Raquel Welch

If you are looking for a more romantic, whimsical style, this is the wig for you. It is an above the shoulder bob - if you are looking for something with a bit more length and volume - that comes styled with loose, bouncy waves. It’s side swept bangs add a trendy, tousled feel to the look. The whole wig can be styled with fingers or brushed into a fuller silhouette of soft waves. If you aren’t so sure about jumping head first into a short wig, this will be an excellent middle ground to begin with.

 What are your favorite wigs for summer?

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