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Sleek and Chic: Explore Straight Wigs

Looking for a gorgeous straight wig? We’ve got you covered! Browse our straight hair wigs and find all the best selections from your favorite brands including Raquel Welch, Jon Renau and more!

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Straight wigs come in a variety of lengths and hairstyles, such as: pixies, bobs, long hair, shags, and mid-lengths. These wigs also come in a wide spectrum of colors from blondes to brunettes and reds to blacks. Explore our collection of straight wigs to find your new favorite hairstyle today! 

A straight wig is defined by its sleek look. Unlike wavy and curly hair textures, the hair fibers are smooth. Because of its smooth texture, straight wigs require less styling and maintenance.

Learning how to take care of your straight wig factors in how long it’ll last and the kind of experience you’ll have with it. Here are some tips on how to care and maintain your straight wig:  

  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the wig hair. Additionally, use a good detangling spray for synthetic fibers.
  • Be sure to wash your wig every 6-8 wears. Do not soak your wig and avoid putting conditioner on the knots.
  • When you’re done wearing your wig, put it on a wig stand or store in a wig box for long term storage. 
  • When you use styling and care products, make sure they are specially made for wigs and formulated for each fiber, especially shampoos and conditioners.

Straight wigs can be made with either synthetic fiber or human hair. Our selection includes straight wigs made with both types of hair fibers:  

  • Synthetic wigs are made with premium synthetic fibers that imitate the feel and look of natural hair. Some wigs designed with synthetic hair are even made with heat friendly synthetic fibers, so you can style the hair with heat tools. 
  • Human hair wigs are designed with real human hair that looks and feels like your natural hair. 

In addition to hair fibers, our straight wigs also come in a variety of cap constructions: 

  • Lace front wigs give you a realistic hairline because the hairs are hand tied into the see-through lace material that extends across the top front of the wig. Depending on the style, wigs with lace fronts can range from across the forehead to extending to the ears.
  • Wigs with a basic cap construction are made with a thin elastic material that have sections of hair, also known as wefts, sewn into the cap. The open spacing around the wefts allows air to flow into the wig for breathability. 
  • Monofilament wigs have see-through mesh material that allows the color of your scalp to show through to create the illusion of hair growth. The hair fiber can either be sewn or hand tied in sections into the top part of the cap. If you want more styling or parting versatility, check out wigs with a full monofilament top. This feature allows each of the tied hairs to be parted or brushed in any direction.
  • Wigs with hand tied caps are an excellent choice if you have a sensitive scalp or looking for a natural look. The individual hairs are tied by hand into the cap to create the appearance of hair growth.

It depends on what hair fibers your straight wig has: 

  • If your straight wig is made with human hair, you can use heat tools to curl or straighten the hair, just like you can with bio hair. (Be sure to use a good heat protection spray).
  • You can use heat tools on synthetic hair as long as it’s made with a heat friendly synthetic fiber. (Make sure the heat setting does not exceed 275 F because you will damage the hair). If your synthetic wig is not heat friendly, you will have to use heatless styles (like braids or wraps).