Sue V.'s Story

 “Do not hesitate to try a wig! They are so real now, and they come in so many price ranges, colors, and styles. Do your research, read reviews, order samples - just to what it takes to feel BETTER about having alopecia.”

Sue is a creative mom of two boys with an amazing attitude, humble spirit, and passion for how wigs have changed her life!

“Hair is a big deal for women, and for men. There is male pattern hair loss in my family, and both my boys are starting to see the effect. I keep saying 'sorry for the bad hair genes!' :)  For the longest time, I would say 'I swear, I'm going to get a wig', and then finally did. There is next to no help in my area (unless you have cancer) so I needed to shop online for everything. The hardest part of having alopecia was losing ALL of my hair, including eyelashes, which have since grown back. I still do my brows every day.”

Sue’s hair started thinning, then falling out, about 10 years ago with the onset of menopause.

“Covering up bald patches didn't work, and I quickly progressed to wearing wigs. It was, of course, a big adjustment, but finding wigs was THE best thing that could have happened to me! No more bad hair days. No more awful, frizzy, bio hair. Just quick and easy, and I can wear styles my real hair would NEVER do. Plus, wigs have saved me hours and a lot of money on haircuts and colors!”

She's refreshingly candid about her journey, and she’s not afraid to get real when talking about hair loss.

“Honestly, every time I put a new wig on, I immediately don't like it because it's different. Then a few seconds later, I begin to see ME in the mirror. Talking to a lot of women in an online support group, that's a rather common feeling, especially those whose hair has always been thin. They think every wig has too much hair at first, but it's just because it's so different from their own.

Putting a wig on my head, seeing the possibilities, was what did it for me. Even though my own hair had always been frizzy, unruly and I kept it rather short, I could have a sleek bob! I could have something pretty! I could try a different color or style without breaking the bank or touching up the color every week! Of course, I was in my fifties when my hair loss started - I think it would be a lot harder for a younger woman.”

Sue met her husband, a retired Navy officer, in college and is thankful for his support in her decision to wear wigs. Although it was a challenge for her sons (now in their 30s) to get used to, eventually they did and she doesn’t have any regrets about her choice to wear alternative hair.

“Wigs have absolutely changed my life for the better!!”

And she certainly is busy! Sue has two grown sons, Andrew, who works at Warner Brothers as a creative executive and Nick who is an optician. She also has a daughter in law, Mandi who is a special ed Montessori teacher. 

“My lovely, creative family. We only all get together once a year, because of distance, but we are all very close.

I’m also an artist, working primarily in miniature (1/12 scale), painting and sculpting. (I haven't completely confessed to wig wearing outside the wig community but some people in miniatures know and could care less that I do!) I have made friends all over the world through dollhouse miniatures, wonderful artists with all different specialties - silver, painting, furniture, you name it.”

Sue seems to be a natural at making friends, and it’s obvious that she has a heart for helping others.

"I feel it's very important to help other people suffering with hair loss to feel good about themselves and to see the possibilities in faux hair. I love reading the stories in [the] section from other women, to see them transform when one of your staff helps them find the right look. There is, for me, something so satisfying to see someone's face light up like that, or to hear a story from someone who has just discovered wigs.”

It's easy to love Sue's attitude and outlook on life! Her story reminds us to think less of ourselves and instead live life serving others. There really is so much joy in helping others cope with hair loss and learn the ropes when it comes to wearing wigs. commends you, Sue!