Messages For Mom

mothers day at wigscom

During these trying times, it may be little harder to show mom just how special she is. So this Mother's Day, the team at reached out to our community and offered our amazing clients the chance to tell the world about their wonderful mama or mother-figure in their life! 

A message to moms from our CEO

Carliz Moore

"Who would we be without the woman we call “mom" in our life?
With SO MUCH quarantine time on my hands lately… I have been thinking about the mom I am and the mom I have! I’m so thankful for her influence and advice. Grateful for her affect on me and how I live my life. 


Being a mom is sometimes such a thankless job, yet the most cherished job in the world :-) During this unprecedented time in our history, it is a great opportunity for us to stop thinking of ourselves for a moment and cherish the woman or the memories of the woman we call “mom." What a perfect time to be thankful for all we have and to be thankful for the “mom experience“ God gave us.


For all of you out there who are moms and most assuredly don’t get enough thanks for it… THANK YOU! It is not a job usually done to receive gratitude, which makes it all the more admirable! Hopefully, we can all stop for just a moment right now to take an account of what the word MOM means to each of us." - Carliz Sotelo Moore 

Thank you for the beautiful message, Carliz! Read the beautiful entries below about some incredible women in the world...


Bethann Mcgorry 
mothers day
"This is my mom. We lost her 3 years go to brain cancer. She was an amazing soul... strong and fierce... held me to a high standard in life. Even after her passing she is with me... leading me through the mud sometimes. I miss her every day..." - Bethann Mcgorry (Instagram: @bethannmcgorry)


Esther Schwartz
mothers day


"My mom had a hard childhood where she helped her mom that also had a mental condition. She was the third in a family of seven. She got married to my wonderful father who also came from a challenged background. He lost his mom at age eleven since she was carrying a child and refused to abort. She had brain cancer, so they married and had four children: Esther, Aaron, Hannah, and Feagy. I am the oldest of this wonderful family.


Afterwards, my mom developed schizophrenia, and she raised us with love and devotion. My mom is a living example of overcoming hardships no matter what. Her motto is 'labeling is disabling' - she is my living inspiration never to give up. The picture above is of me and my son. I want to share this message with the world that being disabled does not make you lesser in any way. There's nothing wrong with getting help because it shows strength." - Esther Schwartz (Instagram: @eys_baby_blu)


Laya-Dorina Lata