Customer Friendly Returns

Returns Made Simple

  • 30 days (from original ship date)

  • $0 restocking fees (no fees, seriously!)

  • Speedy refunds (to your original payment method)

  • Prepaid shipping label* (or use your own)

*Please note, a return shipping charge of $10.95 will be deducted from your refund when using the prepaid label.

Experience Your Piece

We encourage you to try on your piece. All we ask, is be gentle with the item so that it remains unworn**

**Make-up free, fragrance free… Read our store policies for the full list.

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1. Start your Return

Start your return by going to your account, click on Orders, and select Return. If you do not have an account, Start Here.

2. Find Your Order

Enter the email you used to place your order and type in your order number found in you order confirmation email or on the order invoice included in your package.

3. Select Items

Choose the eligible items you'd like to send back and share why. Your feedback helps us keep getting better!

4. Select Refund Method & Select Return Shipping Method

Choose if you would like to receive your refund to your original payment method or as a store credit. Choose if you would like to use our prepaid shipping label for $10.95 or if you would like to generate your own label at your own cost.

5. Submit your return & ship your package 

Submit your return and securely pack items. Follow the instructions on the return confirmation page. Closed the page? No Worries! We sent you the instructions via email too. 

6. Help us, to help you!

By letting us know the exact reason for your return, we can improve and make it better for you and thousands of others. Our team reads every message.


What condition do my items need to be returned in?

  • Factory Condition 

    In factory condition (unaltered, undamaged, containing no odor or signs of long wear or styling product). The items should be free of any smells (fragrances, smoking, etc.) or styling product.

  • Attached Tags

    Don't forget to leave the tag(s) attached and keep everything in its original packaging. It's all part of the return magic!

  • Original Packaging

    Keep the branded box in its original shape, just like when it first arrived. No crumpled corners or torn edges, please!

When will I receive my refund?

We will process your refund within 1 to 2 business days from receiving your return. Please keep in mind your bank may have a delay in processing your credit back to your account (allow an additional 3 to 9 business days).

How do I ship my return?

If you selected to use our pre-paid shipping label:

  • Print return label. (Sent via email)

  • Securely pack item(s).

  • Attach your return label to the package.

  • Drop it off at your nearest UPS location.

  • We'll complete your return once we receive your item(s).

If you selected to generate your own shipping label:

  • Securely pack item(s).

  • Generate your shipping label and ship the address below:


    1504 N Topping Ave.

    Kansas City, MO, 64120

  • Ship your items within 30 days of your original order shipment date. Be sure to ask your shipping provider for tracking details. 

  • We’ll complete your return once we receive your item(s).

How long do I have to return my order?

Return your item(s) within 30 days from the date we sent your order your way!

What items are ineligible for return?

  • Donations are Non-refundable

    Donations at checkout are all about spreading the love and making a difference. 

    They can't be returned or refunded, but they're doing good out there!

  • Shipping Charges are Non-refundable

    The shipping service was provided and the cost incurred to deliver the items to you was already expended.