Three Ways to Rock a Pixie Cut Wig

3 Ways to Rock a Pixie Wig!

Pixie wigs are anything but limiting. They can accentuate your facial features (like high cheekbones), make your style effortlessly chic, and be an overall fresh start. This incredibly versatile wig style makes it easy for women to switch up from looks. With the right tools and strategies, you can achieve a fun and chic looks when rocking a pixie cut. Read more to learn about the best ways to style a pixie wig! 

Red Pixie Wig

Allure by Jon Renau

Curly Pixie Wigs

You CAN curl a pixie cut and a pixie cut wig. One of the best products for styling is Shaping Creme. Run fingers through hair with a wig styling product to get the best hold out of these short locks. Then take a medium-sized curling iron and get as close as you can to the root and wrap hair around the rod. The hair shouldn’t make it all the way around—just plan on getting it halfway. Having the locks be in the three-inch sections will deliver a look that doesn’t seem over-done. Tousle hair gently.

Layered Pixie Cut Wig

Choppy layers are back in action after a short break in the 2000’s. This quintessential 1990’s hair trend is fun and flirty. To achieve the choppy layered pixie cut, use your Shaping Creme by BeautiMark.

Styling Cream

  • Start out with a dime size amount to work through strands. Dry or damp hair is fine.
  • Then bunch hair with hands at random around the piece.
  • Afterwards, you can twirl hair around your fingers to make a more “piecey” look. Don’t be shy either—the choppier the look, the better!

The Sleek and Swooped Pixie Cut

The sleek and swooped pixie cut is a favorite these days. Starlets like Rhianna, Scarlett Johannsen, and Miley Cyrus are sporting this style. This haircut might mean a trip to a hairstylist to change the pixie cut wig into something more asymmetrical. However, you can have a symmetrical cut and still do the sleek and swooped style. Consulting a hair stylist before touching your wig with scissors is necessary—the hair doesn’t grow back and, especially a wig, so you don’t want to get too close to the cap.

When you have the right cut, proportions, and length for the pixie, work the styling product through the hair. Part the hair very deeply over to one side and separate hair. If you have bangs, they can hang over the brow bone for a face-framing look. Tucking the front pieces behind the ear—if you can—is also another great option. 

The Takeaway

These ways to style a short cut can make your every day look different and modern. If you ever wondered what you would look like with short hair, a wig just might be the solution you need! Cutting off long hair is a big commitment. If you are going through a treatment that causes hair loss, using a wig while waiting for hair to grow back is an excellent choice for that transition.

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