4 Short Bob Wigs With a Side Part

4 Short Bob Wigs With a Side Part

It’s hard to believe that such a small detail like the direction of a hair part can have such an impact on a look. For example, a middle part gives you a vastly different look than a deep side part. There’s some science hair parting, believe it or not. Experts believe that a center part can bring attention to asymmetry in a person’s face.

Facial symmetry is the main component in conventional attractiveness. If your face is even a little asymmetrical (as is the case for most of us!), a middle part may not be for you. The good news is that a side part masks your asymmetrical features. You can even part to a certain side to emphasize your better side. If you’re a fan of stylish short bobs and also want to wear a beautiful side part, check out our list of favorites.

Human Hair Wigs by Ellen Wille

Talia Mono by Ellen Wille

Red Asymmetrical Wig

When time is of the essence, go for Talia. Talia Mono by Ellen Wille is completely gorgeous straight out of the box. This synthetic wig is low-maintenance. That’s right – no thinning required! You can wear this wig the second it arrives at your doorstep. Most importantly, the side part hand-tied monofilament part delivers a natural-looking hairline you can trust. If you are feeling bold, check out this wig in the Hot Flame Mix shade. The dark burgundy streaked with cherry red is sexy and daring.

Smoke Hi-Mono by Ellen Wille

Time to unleash your inner smoke show! Straight from the Hair Power collection, Smoke Hi-Mono by Ellen Wille is a textured bob wig with volume for days. This synthetic lace front’s secret weapon lies in its wefted cap. A special netted section holds volume at the crown from day to night. The hand-tied monofilament part is deep on the left for a sophisticated and modern style. Our customers love how confident they feel in this voluminous wig!

Synthetic Lace Front Wig by Estetica

Jamison by Estetica

While many hairstyles come and go, there’s a reason we still adore the bob. It looks good on anyone! Jamison by Estetica is ready to be your next daily wig. This wig’s cap is constructed with pure stretch technology, meaning this wig will stretch for the most comfortable fit. No pressure headaches for you! I especially love just how natural this synthetic lace front wig looks. Go ahead; tell them it’s a wig. They won’t even believe you!

Raquel Welch's Dramatic Bob Wig

Play It Straight by Raquel Welch

There’s something so fun about a layered bob! Play It Straight by Raquel Welch is a synthetic wig styled in a straight and short bob. You’ll love the temple-to-temple lace front. Plus, comfort doesn’t get much better than the Raquel Welch Memory Cap II. After just one hour of wear, the cap conforms to your unique head. This wig comes pre-styled with a dramatic side-swept bang. If you aren’t a fan of drama, just trim the bang and it can be worn tucked behind the ear instead. This beauty comes in numerous shades, including rooted styles and grays. 

What short bob wig do you adore? Share with us in the comments!

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