That's Amore!

That's Amore!

2019 is off to a running start and so far we are loving our new year and all it brings with it. It seems we all start off a new chapter by committing or just wishing for some kind of a new start.  New diet, new goals, new look… some kind of change.  But what if we can embrace the now and be thankful for what is now instead of pining for new?  Could it be that we can develop a better acceptance for ourselves with this attitude?  

When we can sit in satisfaction with where we are now, we can still make a choice to improve or adjust our situation but we have then changed perspective a little.  To feel like you have to change gives the sense not being good enough where you are and to be acceptable you must change.  But if you feel confident in where you are, but still motivated to improve… you are starting from a position of strength!   Just a small tweak to make such a big difference in your thinking.  So embrace you! But be completely open to change because it can make an already great thing better! 

One fun way to look at the tweaks and trends you can adopt…. Good ole’ fashioned fashion mags.  They will always give you a clue to what you can expect to see trending out there.  Grab hold of one of the trends you like and give yourself a little refreshing boost! We have done a little digging and find some long overdue hair must have styles coming in to focus! Here is what we found:

Sleek and Shiny

This year is the year you will start to see super shiny and straighter styles finally win out over the beach wave curl.  Taking center stage with all the celebrity stylists is shiny hair.  No matter the length, lustrous locks are definitely going to rule this year.  In order to get the maximum shine you will have to go super straight as this reflects the light in hair best.  Synthetic wigs have the advantage as many of them come with a shine coat on the fiber and this makes them perfect for the trend!

Of course, most of us don’t have that natural sheen to give us envy worthy luster, but not to worry as there are so many products out there which make it easy to get the look. Just remember that blow-drying with a shine serum that reduces the humidity or frizz is key. It is also a good idea to finish off your hairstyle with a little shine spray. A personal favorite is the shimmer shine by Kevin Murphy as there are tiny gold sparkles in the product to perfect the style! 

Product shown is Code Mono by Ellen Wille

Code Mono is a great example of a sleek polished style that will turn heads and be right on trend!

The Blunt Bob

The Bob haircut never seems to go out of style as it is one of those hairstyles that looks good on pretty much everyone. It is always around, but this year you will see it make a strong push to the front with celebs and the average fashion conscious everywhere! 

The blunt version of the bob haircut will likely be replacing the layered, more piecey haircut we have been seeing.  The move towards a more structured cut is what we believe you will be seeing in all lengths this year, however, we predict the length of the year for the bob cut will be above the shoulders and below the ears.  This is the perfect length for giving the hair a thicker, healthier look overall.  It can accentuate any bone structure and is so flattering. 

Caution… although the blunt above the shoulder bob can be great for almost anyone, be careful not to go crazy with a dramatic short cut if you are going from long to this trendy style.  Our tip:  try the style with a wig first (Of course, you knew we would suggest this option;)

Bob style wigs are numerous in options.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good one either.  If you want to go with a more cost conscious style in order to just try out the haircut on your face, you can get a basic cap construction without the monofilament or lace front.  We suggest you try bangs if you are going to try a wig without a lace-front, as it will hide the front hairline where there is no lace-front to give the most natural look.  So bangs aren’t for everyone… but we wanted to throw that out there for you just in case!

Here are two good options:

With bangs

Product shown is Tori by Rene of Paris

Or without


Product shown is Cameron by Jon Renau

Color Trend Alert

Here is where you wont see much of a change this year…. Lilac, lavender, light purple… still going to be a strong dramatic color for 2019.  Grey hair… also still very much a trend topper!   These two colors just seem to work best for almost any skin tone so they are going to remain popular.  As you know, dying your hair is quite a task and going to a drastic change in color can get pricey. Not to mention the toll it takes on your hair. 

Here again is where wigs can make your life easy.  Not to mention… you can now have BOTH of the hot color trends for the year without completely trashing your hair.  We love them both.  Now you can try them both with very little hassle!



 Products shown are Lilac Frost by Hairdo and Risk Comfort in Silver Mix by Ellen Wille


Head in to your new year loving yourself enough to have fun with your look.  Try something you have always wanted to try.  Who knows… you may just love the freedom to explore for the fun of it! That’s the way to treat yourself… that’s amore!

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