6 Tips to Choose the Best Wig for Your Lifestyle

6 Tips to Choose the Best Wig for Your Lifestyle

Choosing a wig can be a big decision. It’s not the same as buying a sweater or a pair of jeans. A good wig or hairpiece is an investment. Picking the first wig you come across online is one way to do it, but we wouldn’t recommend it. There are different types of wigs to suit various needs. So it's important to take time to consider your lifestyle and unique qualities to find your perfect match.

How Much Does A Wig Cost?

First and foremost, you need to know what budget you are working with. It's important to not only count the price of the wig itself, but also the cost of maintenance and supplies. All wigs need to be stored properly and washed regularly. Also, will you want just one wig? Many women have a daily wig, but then also additional ones for special occasions or exercise. Human hair wigs are pricier, but they are soft and feel like real hair, because they are! Synthetic wigs are less expensive and allow freedom and choice on a budget. Check out our collection of human hair wigs and our synthetic wigs to see the different features and styles.

What's The Best Wig For My Job?

What does your average day look like? Most of us spend 40 hours every week in our jobs. That’s a lot of time that can dictate the type of wig you can wear. Does your job have a physical aspect to it? Some jobs have limitations on hair styles for safety reasons. Keep this in mind when deciding how long you would like your wig to be. Maybe you have a client or customer-facing job and would like to have a style that is on trend and fashionable. If you work in a kitchen or somewhere very warm, we don't recommend wearing a synthetic wig, as heat can damage the fibers.

It’s also important that your hair is natural and undetectable. A lace front wig creates the look of a natural hairline, even up close. 

How Much Time Do I Have For Wig Care?

Wigs, like natural hair, take time and maintenance. Consider how much time you can devote to a beauty routine on a daily basis. Do you have plenty of time in the morning to style and achieve the look you want? Maybe you are juggling family, work, errands, and a mile-long to-do list and you need something quick and easy. Human hair wigs need styled after each wash, and although gorgeous and natural – will lose curl or style just like natural hair. We recommend synthetic wigs to those who have little time to devote to wig care, as they will hold their style even after washing (use cool water). 

Health-Related Hair Loss

It’s very possible that your need for a wig stems from a health issue or condition causing hair loss. If you are currently undergoing chemo, or suffer from a condition like alopecia, a wig can be an important confidence boost. With your hair looking and feeling good, you can focus on healing. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, we usually recommend synthetic hair, as we know that treatments can leave you without the energy and strength to style human hair. Remember, many health insurance policies fully or partially cover the cost of a wig, depending on your condition. Get in touch with your insurance company to find out their policy.

Level of Activity

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Before picking your wig, take stock of what exercises you normally do. If you are often breaking a sweat, look for a well-ventilated piece to avoid overheating. If you’d like a ponytail while exercising, look into a lace front wig for a natural looking hairline even when pulled back. You may need to wash your wig more often, as well. Consider purchasing an additional wig for strenuous activity. Do you enjoy swimming? Did you know you can actually swim with a wig on? Absolutely! If you dive in, buy a synthetic wig and designate it purely for swimming. This protects your daily wig!

The Best Wig For Your Personality

After you have gone over this entire list, there’s only one thing left to consider: YOU. This is the most important aspect of all. What do you like? What look do you want to have? Are you a bold risk taker who is drawn to unexpected hair colors and styles? Are you more conservative and like a traditional look? In the end, choosing a wig is a personal choice. It’s about what piece makes you feel like the best version of you. You are beautiful, so rock it!


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What is most important to you when picking out a wig? Let us know in the comments!


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While we do not recommend swimming in your wig we would love to help you find your next wig. We are pleased to offer you the benefit of licensed cosmetologists on staff ready to assist you and provide expert advice on color and style. If you would like to speak to us directly, please call toll-free 1-800-581-2001 or email us at customerservice@beautyandhair.com. Licensed cosmetologists are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 6:30PM CST. We also offer free virtual consultations if you would like to meet with us face-to-face. We would love to help!

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The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

It’s important to me that I can swim & sweat in my wig and not worry about it being detected or it falling off. Is there such a wig? It would thrill me if it were lace front. Can you help guide me?

Judith Curras

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