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The Relationship Between Stress and Hair Loss

Posted on December 19 2018

We all experience intense periods of stress from time to time. Whether you’re suffering through a busy time at work, financial struggles, or the inherent chaos of the holiday season, stress can be debilitating.

And while everyone knows the psychological troubles of stress, its physical repercussions are often much less talked about. Prolonged periods of stress can result in severe harm to your body—including your hair!
Telogen effluvium is one of the most common types of stress-related hair loss. Some of the symptoms of telogen effluvium include:

● Hair thinning

● Hair falling out in clumps

● Uneven hair loss (only certain parts of your scalp)

You’re more likely to notice these symptoms while styling your hair, or when removing an excessive amount of hair from your shower drain. If you think you may have telogen effluvium, don’t panic! In most cases, you and your hair will make a full recovery. Read on to learn some of the risk factors for stress-related hair loss, and how to treat it!

Hair Loss Risk Factors

The stress of almost any physical or emotional trauma can result in hair loss: pregnancy, illness, surgery, extreme dieting, or jetlag can negatively affect your body’s natural hair growth processes. Even starting or stopping certain medications can have similar effects! And for sudden, short periods of intense stress (like childbirth), you may not experience the full damage of that stress until a few months after you give birth.

Embrace Self-Care

The best treatment for telogen effluvium is simple (but often hard to do): take care of yourself! Keep track of your diet and make sure you’re eating a healthy mix of proteins, fruits, and vegetables, and take vitamins for hair growth if you need to.

Take up yoga, meditation, or any exercise programs to help you relax. To help your hair recover, use gentle products and limit your use of heating tools as much as possible. And wherever possible, work with your family and friends to see if they can help relieve whatever is causing your stress!

Keep On Socializing!

Hair loss often leads to a lack of confidence. We worry what people will notice or think, or become hypercritical of our own appearance. If you’re having these fears, remember that most of the time, telogen effluvium is temporary. Once treated, your normal hair growth cycle will most likely return. In the meantime, look through our collection of wigs for hair loss to find a hair topper in your shade and style to supplement your natural hair!

And remember: this can happen to anyone! We all experience stress from time to time—just make sure to keep seeing your family and friends. You’ll only feel more isolated and stressed by choosing to go through this difficult time alone.

Talk To Your Doctor

Don’t rush to self-diagnose: make sure to immediately schedule an appointment with your doctor if you’re experiencing sudden hair loss.

Even if you did or are experiencing intense stress, your hair loss may be a symptom of a different, more serious medical condition. And if your doctor determines that you do have telogen effluvium, they can give you advice specific to your unique situation!


Have you ever experienced hair loss because due to stress? We want to hear your story! Let us know in the comments below.


  • Tracey King: December 26, 2018

    I was diagnosed with Cancer 18 months ago and I think after the initial shock of being told that I had had the Cancer for over 4 years was that it was Incurable and I would loose all my hair. It’s a lot to take in and I think you hope there wrong but 3 weeks later in the shower I had hands of hair. I think for me I already being disabled was not being able to afford a wig for quite a while was distressing until a kind lady donated one to me. Xxxxxxxxx

  • The Wig Experts: December 20, 2018


    We are so glad that you came to! It brings us much joy to help people through their hair loss journeys and to bring you confidence and relief. Stress is a difficult battle, so having alternative hair as an option to cope with hair loss is a wonderful thing. Thanks for your feedback!

    The Wig Experts

  • Megan: December 20, 2018

    I worked in a high stress environment with a very toxic boss. My marriage had also been struggling at that same time. I lost my hair to the point where you could see my scalp. I became very self conscious and actually began looking at I decided to start out with seeing if medically or surgically something could be done before going with a wig. I was told I didn’t have enough hair for a transplant. So, my search began on My first wig was Noriko Jackson in Razberry Ice. I fell in love. I received so many compliments and even had people asking me where I get my hair done! I have been wearing wigs for almost 5 years now and know I will the rest of my life – which I’m okay with – I don’t have to worry about gray hair (unless I want to) and I pay less for my wigs then some people do in salons. :-)

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