Will Wigs Boost My Self Esteem?

Will Wigs Boost My Self Esteem?

Whether we’re talking about a professional lace front wig or something you picked up to complete your cosplay costume, wigs are transformative. Fashion icon Coco Chanel famously noted that “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” While you can’t choose your natural hair, the right wig could help you become the person you want to be—inside and out! Read on to learn more about how wigs can empower you.

Wigs and Self-Esteem

Most people cringe when they think of their middle school hairstyle (I know I do). Our ideal look is constantly evolving—how you style your wig today is likely very different from how it looked five years ago! Hair is also largely dependent on your genes, age, and other factors outside of your control: it can become damaged, thinned, or shapeless, and no matter what product you try, there’s no altering it. You may suffer from hair loss, or have to undergo treatments that alter your hair’s natural qualities. That lack of agency over your appearance can leave you feeling discouraged and insecure.

Wigs can change that! Self-esteem is a complex topic, and is dependent on more factors than your appearance, but getting to choose your hair color, texture, and style is one small step toward feeling more in control of your life. You might see yourself in a new light with a wig that's better for your face shape and skin tone than your natural hair. The right style could encourage you to try different clothes, use bolder makeup, or show a side of yourself you previously felt unsure about!

A higher self-esteem has been proven to lead to superior work performance, better interpersonal relationships, and a more positive outlook on your current situation and future. It’s only when you feel empowered that you’re able to see yourself for as beautiful a person as you truly are, flaws and all.

Confidence Wearing A Wig

The initial transition to wearing a wig can seem daunting. You might feel a little anxious, wondering: What will other people think? How will my coworkers react? But remember: you’re choosing to wear a wig for you and your own happiness, not for other people. That’s why it’s so important to select a wig that makes you feel confident in your own skin.

Take your time

A wig is both a physical and emotional decision. Browse Wigs.com and see what options are out there for you, experiment with different wig colors, and share your worries and wig vision with our client care experts. Once you feel confident in your decision, the transition will be a breeze. Your family, friends, and coworkers are going to love the new you!

Have wigs helped your self-esteem? Tell us how wigs have helped you by leaving a comment below.

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