How to Wear Wigs in Hot Months

Are Wigs Hot To Wear? (And how to stay cool & comfortable)

If we had a nickel every time, we heard this question: Are wigs hot to wear? We’d be retired and sipping my margarita in the Maldives. It’s a valid question, though. 

The truth is that wearing wigs in warm environments or during summer can pose a challenge to many wig wearers. We're one of those who start to wilt when temperatures go above 80.6°F. We’ve learned multiple ways to navigate the issue, and we’ll be sharing all our secret tips with you in this article. 

How to Wear a Wig in Hot Weather 

As mentioned earlier, wigs can get a little hot and even itchy in hot weather. So here is what to do to ensure you’re comfortable even during summer. 

1. Choose the Right Wig Style

    If you’re wearing a wig to go to the mall, office, or anywhere with perfect air conditioning, you can comfortably wear any wig style. However, if you want to go outdoors, it’s best to go for short wig styles. Some of the styles include textured pixie cuts, sleek bobs, and wavy lobs. They’re lighter and above your neck, which gives you room to breathe. 

    Short Wigs for Hot Weather

    Style: Serving Style by Gabor

    If you’re not a fan of short wigs, then go for longer or shoulder-length wigs that you can easily style to a messy hairdo or loose ponytail. 

    2. Choose the Right Wig Color 

      Another thing you need to consider when wearing a wig in hot weather is the color. For example, black absorbs much heat, while white reflects all the light instead of absorbing the heat. 

      Similarly, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet absorb less heat in that order. If you don’t fancy these bold colors, no need to worry, you can wear a shade of brown too. 

      Short Wig

      Style: Cameo Cut by Gabor

      3. Wear a Synthetic Wig 

        Normally, we're a high advocate of human hair. However, a synthetic wig is a better choice for hot months or people who struggle with that extra wig heat. Synthetic wigs have very many advantages, and most of them really come in handy in a hot environment. 

        For example, synthetic wigs have light hair fibers, and they don’t collect lots of liquids, so they’ll keep you cool in hot weather. On the other hand, human hair appears natural because they’re made of thick, human hair strands. As a result, human hair collects lots of oils and sweat, making them heavy, hot, and uncomfortable.

        Another advantage of wearing synthetic wigs in hot weather is that they hold their shape regardless of the level of humidity. They have a “style memory,” so they bounce back to their original style even after exposure to a hot or damp environment.  

        Wavy Wigs for Summer

        Style: Zara by Rene of Paris

        Lastly, the color of synthetic wigs doesn’t fade away quickly under the sun compared to the color of human hair wigs.  

        If you choose to wear a human hair wig, ensure you buy the right hair care products for your wig's sake, which brings us to our next point.

        4. Wash Your Wig Often 

          In normal circumstances, we recommend washing your wig every 7-9 wears. Should your wig appear or feel that it needs to be washed, it can be done more frequently than this.

          As I mentioned earlier, human hair wigs collect all the excess oils and sweat, making your wig heavier and, subsequently, hotter.  

          If you don’t wash your wig, this extra weight can damage your wig hair and wig cap. Additionally, these oil buildups can lead to skin breakouts if you have a sensitive scalp. 

          Washing Your Wig

          5. Wear the Right Wig Cap 

            It doesn’t matter how many wig caps you have; it may be time to invest in one if you don’t have a hand-tied cap. Traditional wig caps are 100% wefted and can be warmer against the skin.

            On the other hand, hand-tied wig caps have built-in ventilation features to keep you cool and comfortable. 

            Alternatively, you can purchase wig caps and liners that are designed to keep you cool even during the hot summer months. When shopping for a cap, look for synthetic caps or bamboo caps with moisture-wicking fabric to keep the perspiration off your head. 

            Cooling Wig Caps

            Style: Secure Softie Wig Liner by Jon Renau

            6. Accessorize Your Wig 

              If you get really hot and uncomfortable when wearing wigs, you can also use accessories to your advantage. They help in elevating your look and protect you from the extra heat. 

              A good example is a headband or a hair clip. They help get the hair out of your face and improve your style. You can also use sunglasses or barrettes to keep your forehead cool. 

              Accessorizing Wigs

              Style: Julianne by Jon Renau in color 30A27S4

              7. Go for Wig Alternatives – bald is pretty too!

                If the heat is too much to bear, you really don’t have to wear wigs during the hot months. For some people, there is no amount of ventilation in any wig that can keep them cool in hot weather. This is especially true for chemotherapy patients.

                Wig Tips for Hot Months  

                If you’re in this category, you can go for alternatives that include a headscarf, a hat with hair, or simply a hat. When choosing a hat or a scarf, go for a cotton one so that you’ll be able to wash it often and remove the excessive buildup. 

                If you decide to go bald during summer, ensure you apply sunscreen; your scalp skin burns more easily than any other part of your body. Be generous with the sunscreen and ensure it has an SPF of 50 or higher. 

                8. Cooling Tip

                We decided to end this list with a cooling tip. If you’re wearing your wig and the heat becomes unbearable, running water in your wrists is the easiest way to cool down. 

                This technique is common among runners – the science behind it is that the blood vessels are near the surface on the pulse points. Therefore, the cold water or ice will bring your temperature down fast. 

                Wrapping Up 

                If your wigs get hot and uncomfortable, all wig wearers experience this, especially during summer. 

                However, if you’re struggling with hair loss and keeping it private is important to you, you can still wear wigs in hot weather. Just ensure you choose synthetic wigs for outdoor activities. And if you wear human hair wigs, make sure you take all the necessary precautions. 

                If the heat that comes with the wigs is too much to bear, you can always try something else like a hat. 

                What are your tips for dealing with the extra heat and discomfort when wearing wigs during hot months? 


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