Bad Romance: Break Your Bad Synthetic Wig Habits

Bad Romance: Break Your Bad Synthetic Wig Habits

How many of you set some super ambitious New Year’s Resolutions to hit the gym regularly, reduce sugars, and get more sleep? While most of you likely neglected to add synthetic wig maintenance to your goals, it’s an absolute necessity.  So stop playing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with your synthetic wigs and break up with those bad habits!

Let’s call them BOWLER for short, so don’t BOWL with your wigs:

B: Brushing while wet

O: Overexposing to heat

W: Wrong products

L: Leaving on wigs while sleeping

E: Elastic Invaders

R: Rough rooting

Common Synthetic Wig Habits To Avoid

Be a baller with your gorgeous wigs, not a BOWLER! First, snip the “B” habit of brushing while wet. Like getting a traffic ticket, this bad habit will derail your wig by excessively stretching and damaging the hair fibers. Instead, choose and use a wig comb for best results since only wig brushes and wig combs designed solely for synthetic wigs can wholly protect your synthetic wigs from harmful wear and tear, stress, and the gooey Gumby “stretched” look!

Next, say “O” as in “OMG” to heat. Look hot in your wig, not the other way around. Avoid Overexposure to heat in the form of hot water while washing. Use cool water since hot water damages synthetic wigs. Blotting the wig with a towel is advised over using a master blaster, conventional, human hair dryer, which will scorch wigs. If you are struggling to pacify your permatease, that fine layer of tiny, densely compacted, often kinky hair, used to create body and volume within your synthetic wig, remember that a gentle washing, tiny trim, or spritz of a product designed for synthetic wigs can tame them, not shame them! So watch your Top Chef tricks by carefully avoiding opening your ovens, standing too closely near grills when you’re trying to Beat Bobby Flay. Don’t put your wigs under tanning bed lights or that lava lamp when you feel like having a disco dance party!


Likewise, “W” is for Walk Away from Wrong Products since experts advocate using only hair products specifically tailored for synthetic wigs (like sprays and serums). Use of human hair products can drastically shorten a wig’s longevity and significantly fray the fibers. As mentioned, be proactive, not reactive with a wig’s permatease!

Synthetic Wig Hair Care

“L” reminds you not to “Leave on Wigs While Sleeping!” Place your wigs on a wig head or wig stand at night or during your afternoon siesta! This precaution helps to sustain your best shape and preferred style. If you’re taking the red eye to Shanghai and must sleep in your wig, use a head wrap  and slumber like Snow White!

“E” reiterates that you must evade those nasty “Elastic Invaders” or tight-pulling hair accessories like abrasive hair ties and rubber bands. You’re not Ariana Grande, so go low with your ponytails; be gentle and opt for satin scarves or headbands without those ferocious plastic teeth. Bobby pins and other sharp hairpins that can mutilate the wig cap, so if you use them make sure you're careful and stay clear of the cap!

Finally, remain vigilant against the “R” of “Rough Rooting!” Leave the rooting from your summer gardens and farmers’ markets. Don’t brush your wigs from the roots, which can break, knot, and crimp, leaving you looking more like your favorite furry friend on a bad hair day.

Instead, begin by targeting a wig’s ends, working your way up. Drake’s “Started from Bottom” could be the synthetic wig theme song!

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