Beauty Isn't One Size Fits All

Beauty Isn't One Size Fits All

Being a woman can be incredibly difficult… especially when we let society dictate what it means to be a woman - both on the inside and the outside. Society sometimes makes us think that once we hit 40, it's time to pump ourselves full of Botox so we will continue be viewed as sexy or desirable. When you live your life letting physical appearance dictate your value, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a healthy level of self confidence once you hit the aforementioned “female expiration date.” 


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Whenever this topic crosses my mind, I am always reminded of the first two verses from the song "Try" by Colbie Caillat:

Put your make-up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?
Get your sexy on
Don't be shy, girl
Take it off
This is what you want, to belong, so they like you
Do you like you?”


These lyrics perfectly encapsulate how many women - of any age - feel trying to live in today’s world of constant status updates and HD imaging. Though this is typically viewed to be a problem simply for those who grew up with a smartphone in their hands, I would argue otherwise. In today’s world, it is impossible to avoid seeing what the world desires as beauty and perfection; and no matter how you were raised, or how many years you have been happy in your own skin, it can still be incredibly difficult to see and hear the things that are said. 

But, as this title states: Beauty is not a one size fits all discussion. What works for you won’t work for your mother, and it won’t work for your daughter. Even your friends will have different concerns and want to look different than you do. And none of those facts are a bad thing. In fact, that is one of the greatest things about living a world that is so connected and so different. As women everywhere are becoming more solid in their convictions about who they are and how they wish to relate to the world, we are at a pivotal moment in history where women - young and old - can use our social media fueled lives to share beauty through the years.

Social Media can help establish a culture of shared beauty literacy and understanding of how beauty is not one thing, but a beautiful garden of so many colors. The best tips I have learned about beauty in my life have come from my grandmother, and I know that so many other women have similar stories from their matriarchs. Through sharing this information and support with each other, beauty stops being this unattainable pedestal of perfection and becomes a world where age, ability, color, shape and size don’t matter; every woman is beautiful.



I will leave you with the wisdom, once again of Miss Caillat; who perfectly frames my thoughts:

“Take your make-up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror, at yourself
Don't you like you?
'Cause I like you”

Always remember that you are beautiful!

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