Wig Myths... Debunked!

Wig Myths... Debunked!

Wigs make life easier for every woman, but sometimes they get bad press. These misconceptions are born from how wigs were made over 20 years ago. So much has changed! Wigs today are more secure, comfortable and beautiful than ever.   

We're here to bust the myths that give wigs a negative reputation. Let's go...




MYTH #1:  Wigs can fall off with wind or when I bend over.

Wigs are so secure and comfortable. Be sure to measure yourself to get the right size.  Most of us are average size, but be sure to measure your head for your wig.
Blonde Human Hair Wig With Highlights
Your wig will not fall off.  Every wig is adjustable to fit you comfortably and molds to the shape of your head.  Don't worry... you're safe!
MYTH #2: Wigs are hot and itchy 
New technology in cap construction makes them breathable and comfy. If you smooth your hair down well before putting your wig cap on, it will not be itchy... itchiness is caused by the ends of your hair poking in to your scalp.  A wig cap makes ALL the difference.  

Do Wigs Look Fake?

MYTH #3: It will look fake...Everyone will know I am wearing a wig.

If you have a good quality wig whether it's human hair or synthetic (and you are wearing it properly) your wig will be virtually undetectable as anything but your own hair!

For the most natural look we suggest going with a lace front for an invisible hairline and a monofilament top to get natural movement and a scalp that looks like your own. 

Don't forget to choose a Rooted color or colors with depth to perfect your look.


MYTH #4: Human Hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs. 

The truth is...they both have their advantages.  It's true human hair has an amazing look and feel (if it's good quality hair) and the most styling versatility...But synthetic hair feels, looks, and moves nearly the same. 

With synthetic, unlike human hair, you never lose your style whether straight or curly... Zero styling hassle! 


Synthetic hair holds the vibrancy of color much better than human hair, costs considerably less, and is cooler and more lightweight than human hair too...imagine how easy breezy that is!

Do Wigs Damage Your Hair?

MYTH #5:  Wearing a wig will damage or prevent my hair from growing back.

Actually, wigs protect your hair. It's known as a "protective style" as it protects your hair from UV rays and heat damage.  Your hair will safely grow back healthier and happier!


So there you have it… Myths debunked.  Those misconceptions come from very, very old sources and information. The wigs of today are amazing and so convenient.  See for yourself! 


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