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Wig Myths... Debunked!

Posted on June 23 2018

Wigs make life easier for every woman, but sometimes they get bad press. These misconceptions are born from how wigs were made over 20 years ago. So much has changed! Wigs today are more secure, comfortable and beautiful than ever.   

We're here to bust the myths that give wigs a negative reputation. Let's go...




MYTH #1:  Wigs can fall off with wind or when I bend over.

Wigs are so secure and comfortable. Be sure to measure yourself to get the right size.  Most of us are average size, but be sure to measure your head for your wig.
Blonde Human Hair Wig With Highlights
Your wig will not fall off.  Every wig is adjustable to fit you comfortably and molds to the shape of your head.  Don't worry... you're safe!
MYTH #2: Wigs are hot and itchy 
New technology in cap construction makes them breathable and comfy. If you smooth your hair down well before putting your wig cap on, it will not be itchy... itchiness is caused by the ends of your hair poking in to your scalp.  A wig cap makes ALL the difference.  

Do Wigs Look Fake?

MYTH #3: It will look fake...Everyone will know I am wearing a wig.

If you have a good quality wig whether it's human hair or synthetic (and you are wearing it properly) your wig will be virtually undetectable as anything but your own hair!

For the most natural look we suggest going with a lace front for an invisible hairline and a monofilament top to get natural movement and a scalp that looks like your own. 

Don't forget to choose a Rooted color or colors with depth to perfect your look.


MYTH #4: Human Hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs. 

The truth is...they both have their advantages.  It's true human hair has an amazing look and feel (if it's good quality hair) and the most styling versatility...But synthetic hair feels, looks, and moves nearly the same. 

With synthetic, unlike human hair, you never lose your style whether straight or curly... Zero styling hassle! 


Synthetic hair holds the vibrancy of color much better than human hair, costs considerably less, and is cooler and more lightweight than human hair too...imagine how easy breezy that is!

Do Wigs Damage Your Hair?

MYTH #5:  Wearing a wig will damage or prevent my hair from growing back.

Actually, wigs protect your hair. It's known as a "protective style" as it protects your hair from UV rays and heat damage.  Your hair will safely grow back healthier and happier!


So there you have it… Myths debunked.  Those misconceptions come from very, very old sources and information. The wigs of today are amazing and so convenient.  See for yourself! 


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Do you have any other wig myths you'd like us to address?  Tell us below!


  • The Wig Experts: July 24, 2017

    Hi Alane,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Isn’t it the best feeling when people tell you how much they love your hair? Wigs allow perfect hair all of the time! We have many different sales and discounts every month, so we always suggest subscribing to our emails to be the first to know about them. You can sign up on our website!

    Best Wishes,

    The Wig Experts

  • Alane Gardner: July 20, 2017

    I’ve been wearing your wigs for years now. I love them. Hassle free, great style, and very few people have asked if its mine. I always say yes it’s my hair, cuz it is. Not their business that I wear a wig. For those who say it itches, wear a wig cap. It will prevent your own hair from itching your scalp and helps keep the wig in place with a few bobbiepins. I was extremely happy today when I received my Saloon Cool wig, a style I’ve worn for years. This time though the tags were not completely sewn in. Thank you thank you! The tags were super easy to clip off. Before this I’d spend 20 minutes with small scissors and tweezers trying to remove the sewn in tag. I hope you keep placing the tags that way. Raquel Welch has always been my favorite and I can’t imagine buying any other. Her wigs look and feel amazing. So many people ask me where I get my hair done. I always tell them my sister in law does it (she’s a hair dresser). lol I also love that you have discounts around the holidays, that’s a real help because I buy a new wig about every three months and it can get expensive.

  • The Wig Experts: July 10, 2017

    Hi Judy!

    Thanks for your comment! We have a few collections that are specifically designed for people with full alopecia to provide more comfort and security. Check out our Evolution Collection: and our Hair Society Collection by Ellen Wille: Let us know what you think of these, we love getting feedback from our customers!

    Best Wishes,

    The Wig Experts

  • The Wig Experts: July 10, 2017

    Hi Sandy!

    Thank you so much for your comment! We are so glad you are loving wearing wigs! Many people don’t realize how much time and money they save, so thank you for sharing your story!

    Best Wishes,

    The Wig Experts

  • The Wig Experts: July 05, 2017

    Hi Laura!

    Thanks for sharing your experience! If secured properly, wigs will not fall off or even budge! Thank you so much for your suggestion, we will definitely look into that.

    All the best,

    The Wig Experts

  • Laura: July 04, 2017

    I work outside in about the windiest place you can imagine and I wear wigs daily. I secure them with a couple of well placed bobby pins to give me peace of mind and have never had a problem.

    (Speaking of which, I would LOVE to purchase a pack of bobby pins like the ones that attach Raquel Welch and Ellen Wille wigs to their packaging. You should look into selling those, I have never found better.)

  • Judy: July 02, 2017

    I have no choice about wearing wigs. Actually, I do, but since I have alopecis, my choice is to be openly bald. I have good quality wigs, all synthetic, and while I appreciate the good qualities, they can be very hot and itchy in the humidity of summer. Don’t know how to combat this so I just endure.

  • Sandra Sanchez : July 02, 2017

    Thank you for the wig myth buster! This was very helpful ! Now I’m ready to order !!?

  • Sandy: July 01, 2017

    I’ve been wearing a wig since 2005. The real motivator to consider a wig was the big chunk of time, daily massive effort and big salon expense to keep my hair looking as best it could. What a stress reliever on all accounts. It was so great to pop it on in 5 minutes and go to my husband’s professional events and have be perfectly coiffed then get up in the hotel the next morning pop it on and get down to breakfast unstressed and early. Only a small percentage of people have fabulous hair that is no hassle. But not me. I have freakishly awful hair and head (think Trump and Woody Allen) that I’ve been battling all my adult life. Then I fell ill with heavy fatigue and chemical sensitivities. No more salon visits…too many noxious chemicals. Then my bad hair got sick as well. I started wearing my wig daily. I love it. I get women coming up to me always asking who does it, who colors it. I have gotten angry at the time and expense women have to pay for presentable or nice salon hair. So I tell anyone who asks it’s a wig and it why it makes so much sense to wear wigs. I save so much time, effort and money and look sooo much better and the psychological boost of having “great hair”.

  • The Wig Experts: June 23, 2017

    Hello Patty,

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us! We love getting feed back from our amazing clients like you! Our primary focus is excellent customer service and making our clients happy. We also love your response (wink). It’s definitely true though!

    All the best,

    The Wig Experts

  • Patty Warner: June 22, 2017

    I have been wearing wigs for many years. Nothing wrong with my own hair but it was such a hassle to color, style, etc. (Not to mention expensive). I was having to travel a lot and speaking in front of hundreds of people. I took a chance and ordered a wig from (synthetic). I fell in love with these wigs!! Awesome colors, so easy to care for and never a hassle! Great modern styles. Honestly…people are always asking me…"Where do you get your hair done or who does your color?? I just smile and say “Thank you. It’s actually the same person who does Raquel Welch’s hair.” (wink) True…Right?

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