Date Night Hair . . . Just Your Style!

Date Night Hair . . . Just Your Style!

When it comes to looking gorgeous for date night we know you want to go all-out to look your best.  The perfect outfit, flawless make up… the works.  So naturally, your date night hair has to be just as perfect!  The good news… with wigs, you ALWAYS have perfect hair.  Our job is to help you spice up your style with a sexy new twist to your favorite go-to wigs for date night.  Wigs… especially synthetic ones come out of the box ready to wear and perfectly coiffed.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have some great options to revamp any of your favorite wigs. 


So wear your favorite wig all day and spice it up a bit for a night out on the town.  Just make sure you bring along a styling comb, some pins, and a little hairspray and you can add a little more fun to your evening!

date night hair styles for wigs

The first thing to remember is to consider the wig and cap construction you have.  You don’t want to pull the front of your hair up and back off your forehead if you don’t have a lace front wig on.  Ok, so you are not willing to risk trying to restyle your steps;)  You can always give a little tease to the crown for a more dramatic look… or simply brush it out and smoother to change up the style.  Maybe even change the part if you have a monofilament wig.

But if you are ready to make a more dramatic change to your wig style and want to wow him, here are some great and super easy tips to follow for some of our favorite ‘out on the town’ dos: 

The Up Do – With wigs, it is important to keep your up do low on the head to have the most natural look at the nape. Make sure you pull the hair back but leave it relaxed and swoopy along the sides so it doesn’t look like a tight bun and risk showing the side edges of your wig. Keep a few tendrils out here and there in strategic spots to keep your look sexy and sophisticated.

Updo hair style for wigs

The Wrap – This romantic style is a perfect way to incorporate a chic black headband in to your look (or you can add a little bling by using a more ornate headband).  It is a more structured look with a romantic new twist!  We are loving the new romantic roll style we created on our video.

Sophisticated Pony –  Pony tails are not reserved solely for bad hair days or your fitness routine. Ponytails are stylish enough to make the top date night looks.  For best results on wigs, keep your pony low but keep height on the top for a posher evening look.  Make sure to keep your elastic covered with a braid or simply wrap a strand of hair around it.  Adding a braid can also spice things up.  Remember… hair bands are for work outs only. Don’t ever let them show…unless of course they are very fancy (or blingy)!

Posh Pony Tail / Date Night Hair Styles

Bardot Inspired Half-Up Do - Brigitte Bardot was one of the sexiest women ever, which is why her 60's inspired updo style is still so hot today.  This voluminous, half-up ‘do is classic retro style which is the trend for all ages, with its touchable texture and height at the crown.  You can give almost any length wig that much sought after sixties sex kitten look. Simply sweep the top half of the hair back and fasten or pin it back. You should tease a bit at the top to achieve that textured height  which is the trademark look.  

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Style for Wigs

These styles are easy and will finish off your look for any occasion.  Just remember to always add texture to your wig before styling as the texture will help your style hold best.  Flexible hairspray is a must…but to avoid crunchy stiff hair, stay away from firm hold spray. 

Believe it or not, wigs are so freeing of your time and style.  Where else can you get perfect hair every time in just minutes?  Whether you have to wear wigs or have just clued in to the fact that they just simply make life easier… you need to know how easy it is to get versatility and any look you want with wigs.  Follow these easy steps and you simply can’t mess up!

We hope you try and love one of these looks…..your new look! 

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What do you think of Date Night Hair Looks with Wigs?  Give us your comments below.

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