How To Attach And Remove Hair Toppers

How To Attach And Remove Hair Toppers

So you’ve found and purchased your first hair topper—congrats! Ideally, you selected a hair topper that closely matches the color of your biological hair and will seamlessly blend in with your natural hair underneath. And depending on your needs, you picked a topper that suits your specific level of hair loss

Attaching Hair Toppers

Blonde Hair Topper

It's important to know that a hair topper needs at least one inch on hair to clip onto, and this hair should have enough density so that there isn't a risk of the clip in attachments causing additional hair loss. You want the topper to lay wider than the full area of hair loss to get the best results! 

● Open each pressure sensitive clip. You’ll see these silicone or metal snap-in clips on the inside of your topper. 

● Now, you'll want to align the topper over your hair loss area.

● Pull the topper up to the front hair line. It's best to use a lace front hair topper to ensure that your hairline is seamless and undetectable. 

● If you have hair loss further back from your natural hair line, you can pull the topper back and allow your natural hairline to show. 

● Secure the back clip, then the side clips. Again, keep the base of the wig taut while you secure each clip!

● Blend, blend, blend. This is the fun part! Blend your biological hair with the topper until the hair piece is virtually undetectable. A quality brush will be your best friend here!

The great thing about toppers is that they can be integrated any way that looks best on you, and gives you the most coverage! 

Removing Hair Toppers

Human Hair Topper

Removing a hair topper is pretty straightforward, so long as you take it slow! Make sure to:

● Carefully un-clip each pressure sensitive clip. Make sure to un-clip all of the clips before you try pulling off a topper.

● Gingerly remove any strands of your biological hair from the clips. You can easily damage your biological hair (and potentially cause further hair loss) if you yank or tug on either the topper or your natural hair.

And that's it! Remember, practice makes perfect so if you feel a little awkward or uncertain at first, be assured that after a few times taking your topper on and off, you'll get the hang of it and begin to realize what works best for you!

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Hi Susan,

You can remove the clips from a topper, but we recommend a wig as a better option. Our experts would love to meet with you on a video call to help you find the right option! Should you choose to schedule one, you can do so by clicking on the link below:


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I have very thin fine hair. I cannot even hold a clip in my hair. Will a topper work for me?

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