Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian Blonde Hair

If there’s any celebrity who knows how to pull off a major hair makeover, it’s Kim Kardashian. The sultry reality star is quite the rebel when it comes to taking hair risks. Considering she has her own personal glam squad, it’s not hard to comprehend how she’s able to switch styles sans serious split ends.

Yet, for the rest of us, it’s not quite so effortless to go blonde overnight. That is, unless you intend to go from mid-length chestnut to platinum pixie. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock Kim K’s new hair while keeping your hair attached to your head. This Kim Kardashian hair tutorial will give you some tips on how to keep your hair healthy while lightening your hair’s hue.



Patience is a Virtue

If you decide to lighten your hair at home, you must first consider your starting point, as colored hair will not lighten quite as quickly as virgin hair will. It’s important to remember that you’re not going to be able to lighten your hair at home more than a few shades in just one sitting, or even at the salon for that matter. While the pace of this process can seem daunting, it is far preferable to the alternative route which can take you straight passed blonde bombshell and get you fried hair fast.

Prepare for the Process

Decide what look you’re going for and consider the tone of your current color. If you’re going for cool platinum like Kim K’s new hair and your hair is currently on the warmer side, you may need to compensate by picking a shade ashier than what you’re actually hoping to achieve. And visa-versa, if your hair is cool and you prefer a golden or buttery blonde, pick a color that’s warmer than your actual hair color goal.

If you’re hair doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped, don’t go straight back for the color aisle at the drugstore, visit a beauty supply shop and ask them to recommend a toner for you to try first. In fact, this is a really smart move to make BEFORE you lighten your hair at home, as 99.9% of the time, blonde hair requires toning post-color.

The truth is, if you’re going to significantly lighten your hair, your best bet is to visit a salon and bring a picture. We all have different ideas when it comes to blonde shades. So to avoid ending up a playboy bunny when you were hoping for beach-babe, go to a professional and bring some concrete examples with you.

Hair Maintenance Ahead

Also plan on investing in some serious products to keep your hair as healthy as possible. You’re going to need both moisturizing and protein enhancing products to maintain a healthy balance, keeping your hair both strong and soft. You’ll also benefit from a purple or silver toning shampoo as blonde hair loves to turn brassy, regardless of its intended tone.

Spare your Hair

If lightening your hair at home feels too risky and several salon visits seem to costly, skip this Kim Kardashian hair tutorial, spare your hair and wallet, and try a dark rooted blonde wig instead. has got you covered when it comes to getting your hair fair without a care. This dark rooted blonde wig by HairDo will give you Kim K’s new hair in an instant without damaging your hair or costing you your healthy hair or  your savings account.


Whiteout by Hairdo


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