Kim Kardashian Pink Hair

Kim Kardashian Pink Hair

Kim Kardashian-West has made headlines, yet again. This time it was not regarding her body, her children, or a business venture. This time, all attention was focused on her latest hairstyle. For the past several months she has been rocking long blonde hair and platinum gray hair which recently came to an end when she became bored of it, and went pink. Already being stripped of color, it was easy for her to make the transition. She took to her snapchat to share that the only difficult aspect about her hair coloring transition was deciding on which shade of pink to choose from. Kim posted a picture of Zero Two - a fictional character from the anime titled Darling In The Franxx, caption reading “My hair inspo.” Kim also told E! News “Ever since I did the CR Fashion Book shoot and wore a pink wig, I thought it would be fun to dye my hair pink.”



Kim received a ton of love from supporters who enjoyed her hairstyle change, but also was accused of wearing a wig. She confirmed via twitter and snapchat that her hair was in fact colored and was not a wig, but rather extensions. Kim even went as far as lifting her extensions to reveal her pink, naturally braided hair hidden beneath.

Many individuals went platinum to inspiringly mimic her look, but now she is on to the next color. The good news is, is that once any head of hair is stripped to platinum, any desired color after that is easier than ever to achieve.

Now, if you would like a new hairstyle and going pastel pink is the right move for you - your hair must already be light. If it is not light, set an appointment with your stylist to begin the process. Once your hair is lightened, slap on your desired shade of pink. Once your hair is pink, do keep in mind that the color will slowly wash out during each wash.

Try to keep up with the general maintenance by using sulfate-free and color safe hair products. You also want to look into protein enhancing products to keep your hair both strong and healthy.

If you would like to have long blonde hair or pink hair without damaging your natural hair, try wigs! A blonde wig is the true test on whether or not you can see yourself going light. Code Mono by Ellen Wille is a beautiful, blonde wig that can be ordered in other colors, including a platinum color named ‘Champagne.’ 

Code Mono by Ellen Wille | Shop

Code Mono by Ellen Wille

Rock the look of long blonde hair or go slightly shorter with Mila by Jon Renau! The first step to colored hair is the lightening process so putting on a blonde wig will give you an idea of what you are really getting yourself into. 

Miller by Jon Renau | Shop

Mila by Jon Renau

Hair style changes are major - we get it, but as long as you do it right and maintain your hair’s health, you will be fine. Even sultry style icons like Kim need help getting their hair in tact before, during, and after any dye job.

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