Lazy Girl Hairstyles

Lazy Girl Hairstyles

Some people are lucky enough to be morning risers. If you aren’t lucky enough to be one of these rare unicorns, then having the time to style your hair every morning might be near impossible.

We all have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce, but lets face it; we don’t all have her personal staff of stylists. If you want to get the done-up look without the extra time it takes, then learning some 'Lazy Girl Hair Hacks' is the way to go!

Listed below are our top 3 hacks to get your hair ready for the day or night in just a few quick minutes.


Lazy Girl Hairstyles


  1. Flyaway no more

            If you are constantly fighting frizzed hair or chemical damage from coloring services, you could probably benefit from this quick trick to add a smoothing touch to any look. Simply use a cheep toothbrush and your favorite hairspray. If wearing a synthetic wig, we recommend BeautiMark Flex-Hold Hairspray, it is perfect for all day hold and works great with synthetic hair pieces. Spray your toothbrush and gently comb through your frizz and BAM! Frizz no more.


  1. Extend your hairstyle

            The easiest way to get your hair done every morning is not to do it! Washing, drying, and heat intense styling everyday can be damaging to your hair. Instead, opt for washing and styling every other day or every three days. Worried about oily flat hair between washes? Use a dry shampoo! This popular item is a lazy girl’s best friend. Only style your hair every other day and sleep in on the days off. Not only will you hair thank you for the break, but the extra Z’s will too! Want to learn more about dry shampoo options? Check out our post on the Best Drug Store Dry Shampoos.


PRO TIP: if you run out of dry shampoo you can use a little cornstarch in a pinch


  1. Easy Updos

            Need to look nice for a morning meeting or a night out on the town, but don’t have the time for an intricate style? Try one of these three easy updos:

                        Chignon: It's a word you are more likely to find in a romance novel than a fashion magazine. A couple hundred years ago, this was the high of fashion and it's worth a comeback. Not only is it a simple sophisticated look, it also is crazy easy to do!


                        Headband Tuck: This is a go-to for me. Not only does it look great on day one, it also can be turned into a whole new look for day two. Even better, no blowdrying required! Simply towel dry your hair and place a thin elastic headband over your hair. Wrap your hair around the band starting at one side and ending at the other. Leave some small peaces out to frame your face or add a decorative comb to the look to fancy it up. The next day, or after your hair has dried, remove the band and let your hair fall in long beautiful waves. The tighter you wrap, the tighter the curls


                        Braid Away: Nothing is easier or looks more sophisticated then braids. A simple side braid wrapped into a low bun, braiding back bangs, or even a crown braid is a wonderful way to style your hair in a snap without the tedious work. Braids can be done in second day hair, wet hair, or hair of any length. Check out our past post on braids!


What’s your go to lazy hair day look?

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