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Braids And The Perfect Pony Tail Hairpiece

Braids are probably one of the first things any girl learns how to do once her hair gets to be a certain length. We all start with braided pigtails or one long braid straight down the middle of our head. But once you get to be a certain age, these options seem outdated or dull. When you are updating your look, braids are typically the last place you look. When you are older, having pin straight hair or loose curls seem more appropriate, but it is important to remember those basics we learned when we were young. It is incredible how easily braids can elevate your look. From everyday chic to date night glam, braids can be brilliant and easy additions to your beauty repertoire.

Now, I’m sure the idea of doing braid hairstyles may put off some people due to the fact that braided hairstyles that appear on the Instagram explore page, or even your pinterest boards, can appear quite complicated. Though that may be the case for some of the more advanced styles, there are several easy hairstyle techniques for beginners that can add a bit of whimsy to any look no matter the setting.

Best Braid Hairstyles

For the Everyday Style

Something that I do to add a bit of texture to my everyday look is to take two sections of hair - one from each side of my head and plait each section. Then I either take a bobby pin and pin it neatly in a crossed section on the back of my head or, I braid the two plaits together and then tie off with a clear rubber tie. To add another level of dimension, I also will take a large barrel curling rod and add some beachy curls just at the bottom fourth of the rest of my hair.

This look is good for going to class, a cute look for work or just for hanging out around your house. It is quick and easy and a great style to try for beginners. 

Plait Braids |


For When You Are With That Special Someone

Now, no matter what stage your relationship you may be in - whether you are on your first date or your 300th - you always want to look like the best version of you. 

If you click on the link above, you will find some great examples of ways to elevate any look into something special for a night out. My favorite of these is an adaptation of “The Sophisticated Pony.” Instead of simply wrapping your hair around the ponytail, take that section and braid it loosely to give some texture. It is very simple and at the end of the night when you undo your braid you will be left with some beautiful mermaid like waves.


Wrap Around Ponytail Hairpiece

25" Wrap-Around Pony by Hairdo


For The Most Important Day Of Your Life

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but something that can sometimes fall into your lap at the last minute is the official styling of your hair and makeup can end up being last minute decisions.

Though this is a big decision, the actual styling of your hair can be quite simple once you find a style that best suits your face. Many brides go for a sophisticated updo, especially if they are planning on using a long train so that nothing gets caught up in anything. The link above will provide you with the instructions for how to create one of the simplest and most flattering bridal updos I have tried.


Braided Bridal Look |


Best of luck in your plaiting endeavors and remember, just because it doesn’t have 35 steps doesn’t mean it isn’t elegant or intricate. Beauty is defined by what makes you feel beautiful.


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