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Men in Wigs…. What is the Secret?

Posted on April 27 2017

They say “real men wear pink”  but do real men wear hair?

Vanity can drive us all to do things to save or improve our look. Women wearing wigs is totally acceptable and even gaining in popularity in the recent years. But there is some question about whether men should don a perfect hair style when theirs lacks a bit… or a lot!


Classic by HIM


Wigs for men are not nearly as popular as women’s wigs but we are seeing them more and more. The trick is to NOT know they are wearing wigs. Men don’t seem to want to let anyone know they are wearing a wig or a hairpiece, so the good ones are virtually undetectable...Good news for them! Unfortunately, the wigs that are noticeable on men are not the good ones! If you can easily tell a man is wearing a wig, it only serves to highlight the fact that wigs are fake looking and therefore is not a good option for men.

Wigs that Look Totally Natural! They exist! The wearable hair options get better and better all the time. Synthetic hair fiber is virtually indistinguishable from human hair in so many ways. Plus… synthetic hair does not lose its style or shape. This gives you a very low effort great style!


Brad by Ellen Wille


For men, because the hair styles are short for the most part, it is important to have it customized to fit your face and needs. The good news is you will only have to get one haircut! Lace front wigs will give you the most natural looking front hairline. This is important as this is the tell-tale sign of fake hair (if the hairline is not on a lace front material).  You also want to look for a monofilament top or part. Mono top means the wig cap has a natural scalp look due to the hairs being hand tied into the cap, giving the best and most natural movement you can get in a wig. 


Style by HIM


Celebrities are wearing wigs or hairpieces without anyone knowing (Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, and Brett Michaels to name a few). Wigs for men are showing up more and more as the effects of our environment give our natural hair a beating. It’s a personal preference, but if you don’t want to go without hair, you don’t have to!

For all you guys out there… Feeling confident is key. Whether that means wearing a wig is up to you. The days of looking like your are wearing a squirrel tail on your head are gone. Wigs for men and women are beautifully crafted and undetectable as anything but your own hair if you wear them correctly. 


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  • Tecumseh: December 30, 2017

    I was in a head on collision and my hair was butchered down the middle by UC hospital in Ohio
    I have worn a wig to cover up my hair and I was told by
    many people I looked like an indian,made me feel proud ,most chick’s liked it,some men seemed to get jealous about how their women could not keep their eyes off of

  • The Wig Experts: September 29, 2017

    Thank you for reaching out! We take pride on providing our clients with excellent customer service. Men’s wigs, hairpieces and toupees are available in a wide variety of styles including synthetic hair and 100% human hair and with features including hand-tied and monofilament head caps as well as lace fronts. Confidence is key when wearing wigs… good luck to you and feel free to give us a call with any other questions you may have!

    -The Wig Experts

  • Robert Ruiz: September 26, 2017

    Hi I am very intrigued from reading about the wigs that were provided to you. So from what I hear the service is excellent..
    I’m 31 and was just curious about it. I still have hair ad a military style cut. It is real thin on top and behind can see the little baldness it has.

  • The Wig Experts: May 02, 2017


    Thank you for sharing your story! We are so glad that you have found the wig for you! Please let us know if we can help you!

    -The Wig Experts

  • Vincent Domino: May 01, 2017

    I received my classic men’s wig in grey as pictured. I am a hairdresser of many years and was curious about this for myself, but also to recommend to my male clients. I was astounded by the wig. It was light, fit perfectly, and when I got it into position, I just stared in amazement. I wore it to work and everyone went crazy. Both workmates and clients. And I have not even had it cut. Congratulations for creating a great product. I know this will be successful.

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