My First Wig and How to Successfully Shop for it!

My First Wig and How to Successfully Shop for it!

Shopping for your first wig can be a blast or a burden. The difference is in how you approach this task. Hair loss happens for various reasons from medical inducers like cancer/chemotherapy treatment, illness, alopecia to the simple fact of progressive hair loss that hits everyone due to aging.  We are all in the same hair loss boat together!  

If you’re living a new normal, we hope you find something else that’s new - not just a new wig but a new vision of you - a renewed love for who you are and who you are meant to love in your life.  It is amazing how putting on a perfect hairstyle can change your attitude and boost confidence just enough to make your day!


Lace Front Wig Editor's Pick by Raquel Welch


We’ve served clients for more than 20 years and had the privilege of listening to their experiences, both the joys and the fears. Some of the fears include: What if I look different than the old me, what will people think? What if I buy the wrong color? Style? What if I can’t take care of it well?

At we’ve worked to help alleviate fears as best we can by creating helpful tools right here on our website to make the purchase of your first wig as worry-free as possible. Just a little bit of expert knowledge can give you what you need to find your perfect match. Here are just a few of your questions and fears we’d love to answer:


Lace Front Wig Tab by Ellen Wille


How do I choose the right style?

If you’re unsure about getting a new look or keeping your same favorite, or simply how to order the right size, you’ll love our wig buyer’s guide! It walks you through 6 essential steps with educational videos, how-to’s, and more. The right style is one you feel good in. For the most natural results, you may want to consider monofilament lace front wigs


Lace Front Human Hair Wig Miranda by Jon Renau


What about color?

What will look best with my complexion? What looks most natural? If this is your first wig, your best bet is to stay close to a color you are currently wearing or most recently had as this will make the transition smoother and provide less of a change.  Once you are comfortable with wearing wigs… we strongly recommend venturing out and trying new colors without the commitment of harsh chemicals.

Only at will you find images of TruColor™ in our extremely controlled studio environment, which enables us to produce the most consistently accurate color swatches. You can see color distribution throughout the style and get a much better sense of what your wig will look like out of the box. Plus, we work with our manufacturers to get the clearest color swatch images possible.  


Lace Front Wig Sky by Noriko


Can I talk with someone? Show them my own hair?

Yes! By all means. Don’t do this alone! We offer color consultations, where you can call someone or mail in samples of your hair to our experts. We match it and contact you to discuss our recommendation.

In addition, you can purchase or borrow color rings from a favorite wig brand. Select from the sample you see and purchase your wig. If you want to borrow a color ring, return it within 10 days, we’ll issue you a store credit toward the wig you choose to buy plus an additional $5 to cover shipping. Don’t let concerns about color hold you back.


Lace Front Wig Sweet Talk by Gabor


Will it fall off easily or with a strong wind?

Wigs are secure!  The cap is designed to hug the curves of your head and if applied properly, will not fall off.  You can even hang upside down and it should stay put! 


Winner Wig by Raquel Welch


Will this look fake on me?

If you get a good quality wig, specifically a lace front wig, and put it on properly on your forehead, your style will look great.  Wigs are a perfect hair style and will always look great.  If it is your first wig, you will definitely feel like it looks fake and you (and those you live around) will feel like it looks weird or fake.  The truth is… it will simply just look different!  Don’t give up on it just because you or your loved ones think it looks fake in the beginning.  It will get better.  If it is on right, it will be beautiful!

Contact us with any further thoughts or questions you might have at 800-581-2001 | M-F 8:00am - 6:30pm (CST).

Again, like others who’ve become regular clients, we hope you’ll experience not only the fun of a new wig in your “new normal," but also a new freedom to re-focus on all that lies ahead, particularly loving yourself and the people in your life. 



Are you new to wigs? What questions do you have? We are a community of wig-wearers and are full of knowledge! We'd love to help answer any questions or issues you are having!


Hi Eileen!

For smaller size heads, we would recommend a average/petite and/or petite cap size.

Glasses shouldn’t be a problem! Here is a blog on this topic:
For glasses, we would recommend wigs that are open wefted or wigs that have open ear tabs. Open ear tabs include a small opening in the lining, which was made to thread glasses’ arms through. Another way to wear glasses with your wig would be to purchase an open wefted capped wig which will allow you to thread the glasses’ arms through the wefts. which is available with Mono Top and Basic Capped wigs.

To help your worry about the hotness & itchiness, we would recommend a hand-tied or partially hand-tied cap design. This will feel lighter and more airy on your head.

We have created a link with your stated preferences just for you!:

If you are needing a more thorough consultation about which wig may work for you, please give us a call Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm CST. Call TOLL-FREE 1-800-581-2001 so that we may further assist you.

Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,
The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I have a small head, wear glasses all the time and worry about a wig being too “hot” and itchy- what can you tell me about these concerns


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