Our Favorite African American Wigs

Our Favorite African American Wigs

The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite African American Wigs.

We thoughtfully chose this selection of wigs to show that you have more options than you may have realized. Included are best sellers and top rated styles from a variety of brands. Most of these wigs are made by brands that design with women of color in mind, including Vivica Fox and Motown Tress. But be open minded in terms of brand choice – most wigs can be worn by any woman. The styles, colors and textures of these wigs flatter women of all ethnicities. You may just find a fabulous wig you didn't originally consider.


Brie by Vivica Fox

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Our top pick? Brie by Vivica Fox. This fun, shoulder length wig is a gorgeous long layered cut with flipped ends and a center skin part featuring heat friendly Futura Fiber. So which one is your favorite? Please write a review to tell us what you think. We love these African American wigs, and we think you will too!



Brie by Vivica Fox

Brie by Vivica Fox | Shop


Our next pick is Oprah-2 Wig by Vivica Fox! This style is features stunning loose mixed spiral curls with a side skin part featuring a pure stretch cap construction. Our favorite color? P4/27/30 | Piano Color which is a Medium Dark Brown, Honey Blonde, and Copper Blonde (pictured below)!


Oprah-2 by Vivica Fox

Oprah-2 by Vivica Fox | Shop


Next on our list is Flirt by Motown Tress! This style is easy to maintain and is very natural looking. Flirt features large crimps giving this style a lightly wet look that will make heads turn! 



Flirt by Motown Tress

Flirt by Motown Tress | Shop


While there are many other styles for African American women, these are currently our top three! Keep in mind that these styles are not reserved only for African American women... they look great on women of any ethnicity! 

What's your favorite African American Style?!

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