Pink Wavy Wig

Pink Wavy Wig

Colored wigs have been all the rage for quite some time and many wig manufacturers have now perfected the art of making beautiful, natural looking wigs... vibrantly colored, of course! While there are many styles available, including Out Of The Blue, Lilac Frost and the all-new If You Dare by Raquel Welch... we are excited to announce the recent release of an all new PINK wig:


INTRODUCING... Pinky Promise by Hairdo!


Pinky Promise by Hairdo

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Pinky Promise by Hairdo follows the trend of light pastel colored hair, but with an added flare! This beautifully dark rooted-wig gives the illusion that you have spent many hours getting your hair professionally colored by a hairdresser. Pinky Promise is bold, beautiful, and perfect for the woman who likes to make a fashion statement. The best part about this synthetic wig? It's heat-friendly! This means you can flat iron, curl, and blow dry as you would on human hair. Just make sure to use thermal styling tools set at 270° F - 280° F! This will ensure the integrity of the synthetic fiber lasts over time, so you can wear this style for many occasions yet to come!


Pinky Promise by Hairdo

We can’t promise you won’t stand out with this pop of pink. These classic layers are anything but ordinary!

Pinky Promise comes with a slight wave right out of the box, but can be easily styled with a curling wand to achieve light, beachy waves... our favorite! We also love Pinky Promise styled sleek and straightened with a flat iron for an elegant effect. The Pinky Promise wig by Hairdo will have you tempted to lie about who did your hair color! We recommend using BeautiMark's Intensive Recovery Conditioner on any bio-hair whenever wearing Pinky Promise.

Wig Conditioner

When using an Intensive Recovery Conditioner, your bio-hair will be nourished and healthy whenever it comes time to take off your wig! Pinky Promise gives your bio-hair a break from the chemicals and heat-styling that comes along with daily styling. So... what are you waiting for?! Get your hands on this pink, wavy wig ASAP!


Pinky Promise by Hairdo

With a comfortable cap design, you can wear it for a night out or even all day!


Do you love fun, vibrantly colored wigs as much as we do?!

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