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Rediscover Your Curls!

Posted on August 11 2016

Curls are a girl’s best friend! What we love about curly wigs, like Jamila Hi by Ellen Wille, is that they're always fun, fabulous and on-trend. The key to maintaining your curls and keeping them frizz-free is all in how you re-style your wig. Love your curls back to their bouncy, healthy shape with our easy, 5 step guide on How To Re-Style Your Curly Wig!

You will need:



Step 1: Use a wide toothed comb to detangle a section at a time starting from the end of the hair to prevent breakage. (We recommend detangling small sections for smaller curls and larger sections for bigger curls.)

Step 2: Then using the Brilliant Shine by Beautimark lightly mist the detangled section to give a little sheen and some softness to the fiber.

Step 3: Using your finger, twist the curls back in place. If the curl does not achieve a natural shape, try curling it again in the opposite direction.

Step 4: Move around small sections until you have the entire wig curled.

*Note-If the curl does not achieve a natural shape, try curling it again in the opposite direction.



Step 5: You can use a hair net to keep your finished work in place

Once you’re done you’ll have those amazing curls once again.


 Rediscover Your Curls!


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  • The Wig Experts: October 23, 2018

    Hi Mary,

    If your wig is synthetic or heat-friendly synthetic, then you do not have to worry about your curls relaxing too much! Synthetic fiber has style memory baked into the fiber, so you never have to worry about your curls falling after washing.

    For more washing tips, check out our how to wash a wig page:

    - The Wig Experts

  • Mary Tanguay: October 23, 2018

    You do not say what to do when you wash the wig. I give it a very simple wash seems to relax the curls to much. How does one prevent the curls or waves from relaxing too much?.
    Why don’t you say something about washing the wig?

    Mary Tanguay

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