Ribbons Of Radiant Reds

Ribbons Of Radiant Reds

Who doesn’t love cascading ribbons of luxurious red locks? Every woman should try having red hair at least once in their life! After all, you never know if it’s your best color hair until you’ve tried it.

Understandably, some of us might be too hesitant to try a new color, especially one that's so bold. You might wonder, what if I don’t like it? What if it doesn’t match my skin tone? So... what if there was a risk-free way of trying out a red hairdo? Well, here at wigs.com, there is and it’s called a wig - our favorite word! I’ve put together a list of some of our top red wig styles just for you.

Gorgeous Pixie Style

Dark reds or red-browns are great colors to try for someone who’s never had red hair before. You might prefer dark red if you are a natural brunette, have dark eyebrows or a darker skin tone. Speaking from experience, I always loved dark red hair on myself, as lighter reds didn't flatter my skin tone.

A perfect example of a dark red wig is Reese. I just love this cut and style! Particularly charming in Cherrywood, this synthetic wig has an incredibly natural look and feel. This is the perfect dark red color, but the texturized pixie cut really puts this look over the top. The short pixie hairdo is made of synthetic hair, so ready-to-wear and low maintenance! It’s an excellent wig for casual wear and perfect for someone trying red for the first time, with it's subtlety and class. 

Short Modern Red Hair

Now, if you like something a little more bold and modern, Open by Ellen Wille is a fun, short-haired look. Showing off your beautiful face with a short hairstyle can be empowering! Even more so when you add some red into the mix. So try Open in Hot Aubergine Mix and get a blend of darkest brown, medium and dark burgundy red. 

Elegant Hairstyles

Some red hair color hues and styles can be quite elegant and sophisticated. We love to watch the magic happen with the touch of a curling iron on a simply stunning style like Carrie.


Made of 100% human hair, Carrie boasts unique flexibility in design that can be showcased to emphasize elegance and professionalism or youthful, flirty fun. That makes this a go-to for many as the everyday wig!

Wavy Red Hair

Adding waves to any hairstyle can be a great way to get volume. We love beachy waves in any color, but especially a deep scarlett red with some highlights fed into it. Just wait until you see the light catch Jon Renau's Scarlett in Chocolate Cherry.


The best part? Scarlett comes ready to wear so you'll be salon-posh in minutes! It also has a Smart Lace front to imitate a natural hairline, making your wig-wearing virtually undetectable. Yay!

So it's settled! It's time to try a red wig to freshen up your look in a way that's pretty, rich, and fashion-forward. Now all you have to do is choose!

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We want to know what you think! What's your all-time favorite red hair color? Let us know in the comments below.

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