Sexy Wigs For Women

Sexy Wigs For Women

It’s no secret that your hair is one of the best accessories that you can wear—and we’re not just talking about wigs or extensions. Your hair can be considered an extension of yourself in that it can match your mood or in some cases your personality. For this reason, we want to tap into a side of hair that is not always talked about: the sexy side. Having a sexy hairstyle can bring a boost of confidence to any woman, and we want to be sure that you have a few go-tos that you can use when you feel like looking a little friskier than usual. Take a look below at some of our favorite picks for sexy hairstyles in 2018.


Spunky Haircuts with Curly Hair


Sweet Talk by Gabor | Shop

Sweet Talk by Gabor | Shop


The one thing that seems to be the trend with a spunky haircut is the actual cut. Choppy razor cuts through the hair is what makes it look edgy and adding some curls to the mix just makes it look sexy. Get this look by using a smaller curling iron or curling wand and then finger combing the hair once you’re done curling it. The highlights make this spunky haircut that much more alluring. Also, having the cut only slightly shorter than the chin makes people focus on your facial features.


Spunky Haircuts That are Short


Fair Mono by Ellen Wille | Shop

Fair Mono by Ellen Wille | Shop


Nothing screams sexiness and confidence more than a short pixie cut. Having short hair makes people have no choice but to focus on your beautiful face, and a spunky haircut that leaves absolutely nothing hanging just oozes sexiness. What we especially like about this style is that it’s so simple, yet so daring. Is it the dark color coupled with the edgy cut that make this look so sexy? We’re not entirely sure, but whatever it is…we approve!


Spunky Bob Haircut


Delicate by Ellen Wille

Delicate by Ellen Wille | Shop


Now we couldn’t talk about a spunky haircut without giving homage to the bob. The bob might be the sexiest hairstyle out there. No matter if it’s curled or its straight, it’s one of those feminine looks that automatically makes you look like you have confidence. What makes this particular bob spunky is the choppy razorcut mixed with highlights and just a little bit of a wave. Very similar to our first example, but much more relaxed. One might even consider this to be unintentionally sexy.

Those are our top picks for spunky haircuts for 2018. If you decide to try one of these spunky hairstyles, you’ll be well on your way to unleashing your inner sexy.


Do you have a spunky haircut that we forget to talk about? Tell us about it in the comments!

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