Our Favorite Short Wigs for Summer

Our Favorite Short Wigs for Summer

Summer is in full swing now!  It is important to stay cool... and to look cool at all times. Wearing wigs in the summer time does present some challenges in staying cool when out in the hot sun.  For those of us not accustomed to wearing short hair, it can be uncomfortable trying to stay cool with long hair (wig or no wig… long hair is hotter). 

Short Wigs for Hot Weather

We all try the usual tricks.. sweeping the hair up and back does help… braiding long hair is totally in vogue now and also helps. But why not just go for a short style to look and feel totally cool.  Here are some of our favorites in the Wigs.com community:

 1.  Sky by Noriko -  continues to land at the top of the short wigs list!  the face flattering layered cut is feathery throughout and wispy at the ends.  You will look like you just stepped out of the salon.  there is a lot of hair to play with for a short style, but it is still very light and cool. Short Blonde Wig by Noriko,  Synthetic short cut wigs for women


2.  Sweet Talk by Eva Gabor -  All the best features women are demanding now in wig craftsmanship: Lace front, soft waves, lightweight synthetic, and oh-so-sassy. Gorgeous movement will give you all the confidence you need to sport a short cut.  Its no wonder they called it Sweet Talk!Short Lace Front Wig by Eva Gabor


 3.  Winner by Raquel Welch -  Winner is just what it's name implies... it is repeatedly at the top of the short list!  This pixie wig is so fun and easy to work with.  You literally just shake it and go! The nice thing about winner is that it comes in large, petite, and an upgraded cap construction when only the best will do!  so you definitely have options;)Short Wigs for Black Women


 4.  Tab by Ellen Wille -  Tab is sophisticated and is the perfect elegant cut.  The bold short layers are structured and give a posh park avenue vibe!  It is one of Europe's top selling style.  This one is so cool... any time of the year! Short blonde lace front wig by Ellen Wille Wigs

 5.  Ignite by Jon Renau  - So ironic that a style names Ignite is made of heat friendly hair! it would have to be... it is one hot style.  Very chic!  This is a salon inspired cut that channels Victoria Beckham and what we think Princess Diana would be rocking if she werehere with us today! Blonde Bob Wig by Jon Renau | Synthetic lace front heat resistant short cut wigs for women

6.  Angie by Envy - This is one fun short cut!  The signature classic bob wig had a very modern makeover! This one is so flattering on almost everyone.  This is a Wigs.com team favorite!Red Wig by Envy Wigs | synthetic wigs for women


7.  Risk Comfort by Ellen Wille -  This style has lots of attitude and great options for short hair!  It is so beautifully made with all the bells and whistles you would want in a top notch piece!  slick it back or play up the layers... just go with your mood and you cant go wrong!

Short Grey Wig by Ellen Wille Wigs | monofilament hand tied top


So there you have it!  the hottest shorts that will ALWAYS fit you perfectly no matter how bikini ready you are this summer. Take the plunge and explore your style from the short list of hot looks! 

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