Spring Style With Wigs:  Best Hairstyles and Trends for This Season!

Spring Style With Wigs: Best Hairstyles and Trends for This Season!

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Spring comes with fresh new looks and a sunny disposition!  The changing seasons come with opportunities to update your look or get a new cute cut…a little commitment phobic…me too;)

Best Wig Styles for Spring 2017

So get your new looks or try them out first with wigs! Wigs are the perfect way to completely change your look with the changing of the seasons (or your mind)! The trending spring and summer looks are easier than ever with these wigs.  Not everyone can keep up with the changing trends or get the look we want with the hair we have… Make it easy with wigs, hairpieces, or hair extensions!

Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Trends

We checked in with some of the top celebrity stylists following or creating the trends for 2017.  There are some tried and true favorites staying strong but with a new twist and there are some new looks to play with. The biggest movement running throughout all the new looks and fresh trends this season is keeping it au natural!  Whatever you do… make sure there is a subtlety in how you address you color and cut. Going a little messier (not bed head!) with a textured and layered look that gives your style a more relaxed but chic look is key. No stark colors or architectural straight clean lines this year. Of course, we think it’s sort of ironic when we are told to go with a natural look but have to color or cut to do it!  But a girlz gotta do what she must to look natural, even if it does take work to get there;)  So have a blast and look up-to-date in whatever you are wearing this season! 

Here is what we found out:


Trend | ULTRA BROWNS (Brunettes)

Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

Brown is the new black! Keeping in line with the natural trend in hair… Stark or jet black is officially out this year!  Sorry girls… we know this is a go-to color for many of you.  But… you can still stay shadowy and sexy in rich ULTRA BROWNS!  Rich and so sultry… Ultra-Browns have taken over the black hair craze in Hollywood and the runways.  Go anywhere from dark cappuccino colors to medium chocolate browns to stay on trend.  Of course you can add depth to it with Carmel highlights or give a sun kissed ombre or rooted look to your style. If you get lost or confused as to which color to go with.  Just remember… if is sounds like a yummy chocolate dessert… it’s probably the right color for staying on trend! 


Trend | WAVY Wig CRAZE

Wigs for Women

Waves are BIG this year.  You will see them in all shapes and sizes as the wave craze is solid.  Wavy hair looks good on everyone.  You just have to find your perfect match.  This spring we are seeing the range from the  ‘barely there’ wave (think Rachel Zoe or Blake Lively) to the Deep Beach Waves like JLo or Emma Stone at the Oscars this year!  Whether you go subtle on your waves or kick up the curl.. remember to leave the tips out of the curling iron… we don’t want to conjure up a Shirley Temple feel!  Waves will keep you looking on trend as the slightly messy ‘I just woke up this way and still look fabulous’ look is totally in!


Trend | DEEP PARTS (Side Swept Hair)

Long Brown Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, Human Hair Wigs

Side swept hair styles are dramatic and super sexy!  This romantic look was made famous by 40’s film star Veronica Lake.  It is definitely flattering and eye-catching.  You can go for the sideswept hair style with or without bangs.  This look flatters almost any face shape and definitely makes anyone look younger… and did we mention sexy!  This gorgeous look immediately updates your look because it is one of the ‘it’ hairstyles for 2017.  Manufacturers of all the top wig brands are making sure to offer a variety of styles to accommodate the demand for this style.  You can also achieve this with a great human hair topper to add the volume on top of your head which will help complete this look.  If you are going to look for a wig… make sure you get a monofilament top (which means the hairs are sewn in individually to the wig cap) This gives you the most natural looking scalp and you can put your part anywhere you like.  The ability to go as deep or shallow as you want will give you the confidence to take this look on as your own!  Wear it straight or add waves… but definitely try the side-swept look.  You’ll thank us! 


Trend | CHER HAIR (Sleek, Straight, and Long)

Full Lace Wigs for Black Women

Cher doesn’t have to sing "If I Could Turn Back Time” here… her signature straight sleek hair is back and stronger than ever.  Hi Gloss and Hi Fashion is the idea with this middle part straight do! You have to go long for this look.  It only works if you are sleek and long so don’t be shy with the smoothing product.   Of course not everyone can rock this look… but if this look is for you just remember to bring attitude with it! 


Wig Trend | BANGS WITH TEXTURE (Wispy Bangs)

Wigs with bangs, Wigs for African American Women, Human Hair Wigs

Back with a Bang!  Bangs can be tricky if you don’t get them just right.  You should take in to consideration your face shape before taking the plunge.  But bangs will bring a fresh new look to any style.  Everywhere… we are seeing the  Birkin-esque Bangs inspired by the British actress and singer who inspired the world’s most exclusive handbag in the Hermes Birkin bag.  They are textured and sort of a bi-bang.  This means you can highlight the bang by brushing them forward and keeping them full (because they are textured and not blunt.. they will still look natural and dramatic)  or you can sweep them to the side so they almost disappear in to the rest of the hair!  This way you get the best of both worlds.  Whatever bang you decide to go with .. own them with confidence.  Bangs are quite a commitment.  Wigs are the perfect way for the commitment shy to have their cake and eat it too!



Ombre Wigs, human hair wigs, lace front wigs

Highlighted hair has always been popular…  but more and more we are seeing the ombre look take over the pages of Cosmo or the streets of the pretty people.  There is a reason for this…So many options!  Who doesn’t love that?  Hair color can blend beautifully from dark to light in so many color combos that it gives us options. You can go dramatic from one color in to the next or just a subtle change from one color to simply a lighter version of the same color!   You get to choose how far you want to go.  Just remember…Warmth is the goal with browns or blondes this year… so stay on the warmer side of the fence for now.


Trend | BRAIDS

Purple Wig, Colored Wigs, Synthetic Wigs, Bob Wigs, Side Braid, Hairdo Wigs

Braids are everywhere and make any style look fresh and new.  No… they don’t just go with pigtails… they are actually trending strongly in the fashion world and they are for all ages!   Keep your braids a little bigger and messier than school girl braids for the most chic look.  Don’t overdo it!   More is not better when it comes to braids… just one or two (depending on the style you are going for) will do.  We love the way Sienna Miller rocks the messy braid with some hair pulled out around the edges.  But when it comes to braids… almost anything goes.  Make it an accent in your wigs and add a much more natural look to your style! 

Ok… now you have all you need to spring in to action and make a change.  It is time to step out of your comfort zone and try a new twist to what you are comfortable with.  Wigs and hair pieces make it so easy for you to experiment or flip from one new look to another.  Confidence is key.  If you know you are sporting the hair trends every one is looking for this season you will feel more confident. 


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We would love to hear about your experience with getting a new look for the season in the comments section below.

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