Your Summer Hair Color Guide

Your Summer Hair Color Guide

With Summer comes sunshine and long days… so it's the perfect season to let your locks glow in that stunning golden hour! The easiest way to ensure that your style embodies the season of Summer is to go a shade lighter! When looking for a Summer shade, we recommend looking for a color that is one or two shades lighter than your normal color. Then, make sure that there are blonde or strawberry highlights throughout so you really give off that golden hour glow!

Summer Hair Color Guide

Don’t know where to start your summer hair color journey? No worries! Below are some of our recommendations for you to upgrade your fall/winter color to a trendy, summer hair color!

Jon Renau’s California Blonde Colors

Our clients love Jon Renau’s California Blonde colors because they have the perfect hues for summertime. These 4 blonde shades range from mid-tone blondes to bright, light blonde. So, if you’re looking for a perfect multidimensional blonde for the sunny days ahead, these California Blondes are the ones for you! See these shades on Carrie, Jennifer, Blake Petite, and Margot by Jon Renau.

California Blondes from Jon Renau

Raquel Welch’s R829S+

Raquel Welch’s R829S+ is one of her favorites! This rich medium brunette hair color features ginger highlights at the top that really brightens up the look. For a summer alternative to this color, our Wig Experts recommend R9S+ or R9F26. R9S+ will give you those same ginger highlights at the top, but this color is paired with a slightly lighter medium brown hair color. The next color, R9F26, features the same slightly lighter medium brunette hair color, but this color has medium golden blonde highlights around the front to really accentuate your facial features. Both colors are perfect summer color alternatives, now, you just have to decide if you want a ginger glow or a golden blow! See these hues on Voltage, Winner, and Sparkle by Raquel Welch.

Summer Brunette Color

Noriko’s Creamy Toffee R

The color Creamy Toffee R from Noriko is a beautiful blend of light platinum blonde and light honey blonde that features a darker blonde root. This multifaceted shade looks stunning, but if you’re looking for a lighter Summer shade, we recommend the color Creamy Blonde. This color features a blend of platinum blonde and light gold blonde but does not have a dark blonde root like Creamy Toffee R. Creamy Blonde is a perfect bright, light shade for Summer! See these shades on Sky and Cory by Noriko.

Summer Wig Color 

Hairdo’s R14/88H

If you wear Hairdo’s R14/88H, you love those pale blonde highlights that compliment the medium blonde perfectly. For your summer shade, we recommend the color R1621S+. This lighter honey blonde features ashy blonde highlights that’ll really brighten up your look. See these blonde shades on 20" Invisible Extension and Spiky Cut by Hairdo.

Summer Blondes

Jon Renau’s 6 

The color 6 from Jon Renau is an amazing dark brown shade that’s perfect for the Fall and Winter. However, for Summer, we recommend opting for the color 8RH14. This medium brown is one shade lighter than color 6, but this color features medium natural blonde highlights blended throughout. With this color, you’ll be stunned at how these beautiful subtle highlights will really give you that sun-kissed look! See these shades on Julianne and Kendall by Jon Renau.

Summer Brunette 

Raquel Welch’s RL19/23SS

Similar to our Summer color suggestion from Noriko, this shade recommendation from Raquel Welch does not feature a darker root. RL19/23SS from Raquel Welch is a client favorite! This light ash blonde is blended with cool platinum blonde to give you that bright appearance and then is accented with a darker root for a dimensional feel. If you’re looking for a lighter look, we recommend RL19/23. This shade features the same ashy blonde and platinum blonde, but it does not feature the darker root. See more of these shades on Simmer and Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch.


There you have it… the Wig Expert’s Summer Color recommendations! Summer’s the perfect time to lighten up your look, and these colors will definitely have you ready for golden hour. 

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