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Summer Fling: Wigs with Benefits!

Summer reenergizes the soul! It is the perfect time for a fresh look and a getaway!   We here at we have decided it is time for a summer fling… with our hair ;)  We are looking for wigs with benefits to start a love affair with! Some of the new wigs out in the market are so cute and flirty it is almost impossible not to want to try a new hairstyle

We will highlight some of the benefits to look for this summer in your new wig.  Of course, there are some features we always suggest to get the best look for whatever hairstyle you choose.  No matter what your budget, you always want your hair to look completely natural so keep a few basics in mind:


Benefit #1 - Rooted hair color or highlights with depth.  

It's so important to have color that looks like you stepped out of a salon to get it!  The good news… all the top wig designers have caught on to this so you are in luck… lots of options!  We are most excited about one brand in particular… Jon Renau, who is unveiling their new California Blondes collection of amazing blond hair colors in most of their top styles!   They really are leading the pack with their selection of color.  And to be sure… you will look like you have salon color hair with this brand!  Keep an eye out for our July launch of the California blondes!   We can't give you a sneak peek just yet, but know this… the top selling blonde color in the country right now is the Jon Renau 12FS8, so we know the new blondes are going to be amazing!

Jon Renau Blake Wig

Blake Petite by Jon Renau 


Benefit #2 – Lace Front

My favorite benefit!   There is no way you can feel as confident wearing a wig without the lace front feature.  It doesn’t matter if you have a synthetic wig or the most expensive human hair wig ever… it is a must to have a lace front if you want it to look natural.  Lace front gives you the illusion that the hair is growing naturally right out of you.  There is no other way to successfully show your forehead otherwise.  Of all the benefits at your fingertips, no lace front is a deal breaker when it comes to buying a wig. One of our favorite lacefront wigs on our new arrivals list is Beach Mono by Ellen Wille which features a gorgeous lace front hairline.

Discount Lace Front Wigs

 Beach Mono by Ellen Wille


Benefit #3 – Monofilament Cap Construction

Mono top or mono part simply means the hairs are sewn in (usually by hand) to a soft lace base which gives the illusion of the hair coming straight out of the scalp as if it is naturally growing out!  This is basically the same technology that is used on the lace front.  The trick to a natural looking wig is to have the hair look like it is naturally growing from your head, so it doesn’t matter if the entire cap is not monofilament.  Of course, if you can afford this, you are getting the best of the best, but if you are on a budget but don’t want to give up the top of the line look, you can go for a mono part or crown.  This means the monofilament feature (which is what is important to anyone looking) is visible where you need it!  So go mono! Not quite convinced? Read our blog: Are Monofilament Wigs Worth the Extra Money?

Monofilament Wigs for Cancer Patients

Spirit II by Ellen Wille


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