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Are Monofilament Wigs Worth The Extra Money?

When shopping for a wig, you have probably seen monofilament wigs among your choices. Most people don't know what this wig feature means exactly. It usually is found on higher quality wigs so we all know it is a good thing. So you know by the price that it must be an upgrade feature...but do you know exactly what it is?

Blonde human hair lace front wig by jon renauMonofilament refers to the wig cap and how it is made.  It offers the most realistic appearance of scalp and hair movement possible.  Because of the versatility of styling, you have freedom to part your hair or style it in almost any way! Monofilament wigs are made by tying or sewing hair in sections into the top portion of the cap which is made from a very fine, sheer material known as a monofilament

Lace Front WigsSynthetic hairs or human hairs are generally hand-tied and knotted individually into the sheer material. It is sewn in to the material in the same fashion as carpet fibers. They stick straight up and fall naturally depending on the length of the fiber. The hair is tied in just like this... just like the hair naturally grows out of your own head.  This allows each of the tied hairs to be parted and brushed in any direction and gives the wig an amazingly natural look. It will move just like natural hair moves. 
Human Hair Wig, lace front wigs, raquel welch wigs

Because of this time intensive process…Mono-filament wigs are considered to be a high quality wig product and are more expensive than a standard wefted cap but the benefit of wearing a wig that few will note as a wig is well worth it!

Hand Tied Monofilament Wigs

Another benefit of a mono-filament wig is that the hand-knotting makes the wig more durable and less likely to break off or slide out from the wig… that is if you treat it right!  Keep in mind, the sheer material is designed to be fine and give a natural appearance but is not as sturdy as the rest of the wig so treat it gently. 

Monofilament is a great advantage for a more natural part, and for allowing you the versatility to change your part and style around at will.  But as you now know... the process of making a monofilament wig does increase the price. Did you know it takes up to 40 hours to make one monofilament hand tied cap?!  Anything that labor intensive should be appreciated.  So make sure to only get what you need in order to make the most of your investment.  

human hair wigs, layered wig, brown wig, ellen wille wigsIf you only need the part to look realistic and are happy where the part is placed...then a monofilament part is for you! If you are going for a shorter style that only shows the crown of the style...a monofilament crown may be all you need. But if you want a wig that gives you total freedom to change the part around... is less dense all over for a more natural look and gives you a natural looking scalp no matter where you part your wig... you definitely need to go for a full monofilament top. 



So now you know how a monofilament is made and why it is so much better for achieving the most natural look with wigs.  There is nothing better than feeling confident in your style!

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Hello Joselyn,

We recommend using hair care products designed specifically for the fiber. The conditioner should be formulated free of toxic parabens.

Our favorite conditioner is the leave-in conditioner by BeautiMark!

Please let us know if you have questions. Thank you!

The Wig Experts

Hello Joselyn,

We would recommend using BeautiMark Leave-In Conditioner on synthetic fibers and we would recommend using BeautiMark Hydra Conditioner on a human hair piece. We have provided links below for these products.

Synthetic Conditioner <https://www.wigs.com/collections/beautimark/products/leave-in-conditioner-synthetic-hair-beautimark>

Human Hair Conditioner <https://www.wigs.com/collections/beautimark/products/hydra-conditioner-human-hair-beautimark>

Please keep in mind, you don’t want to condition the monofilament cap, as this can cause the hairs to loosen and fall out.

We have experts on staff that you may contact if you have any further questions.

The Wig Experts

Hi Judy,

Yes, synthetic wigs can be thinned out. We would recommend going to a professional that is familiar with wigs.

The Wig Experts


Judy Smith

Type of good Hair conditioner. On a Monofilalament ? Had for 3 weeks feels dry. Spray Conditioner not as good. What is a good one? Have number 10 leave on? Good or not? Thks Jodi

joselyn LaVine

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