Some Like it Haute

Some Like it Haute

Haute Summer Styles

The Hot new summer looks are feminine and flowy hairstyles. What we are loving is the diversity in the style trends this year. There is no hard and fast rule for hairstyles like you may have seen in the past years, but one thing is constant. Whether it's long hair, short hair, curly waves or sleek straight… Feminine and fluid movement is key in the hairstyles that are toping the charts this year! There's freedom in knowing that your hair looks good. You just feel a little bit better about facing your day when you know it’s a good hair day. Wigs make this possible and what is a bonus which bio hair doesn’t provide… you can change it up if and whenever you like! So check out our trending haute looks of the moment and try one or all of them for yourself!


Veronica by Envy in 4 Rich Colors

These models are stunning in 4 rich shades of Veronica by Envy.

Super Long and Versatile


Long hair has been a coveted look since… well… forever! But so few of us can naturally have the healthy volume all the way down to the ends. My hair starts looking a little straggly when I go past 13 inches. I cant get that flawless look without a little help. One of the newest hot styles created because there was such a demand for this length is the Kim, by Jon Renau. Gorgeous and super long at aprox 20”inches in overall length. Of course 100% hand tied cap and human hair does not come without a considerable cost, but if you can swing it… you will not regret this head turning hairstyle. The nice thing is the versatility. Curled, straight or wavy, you can pretty much get any look you want from this stunning wig. This length is not for the shy! You have to own it and work it at this length!


Kim by Jon Renau

Kim By Jon Renau


The Every-Woman Long Hair Style


If you are like me, you love long hair but the length I can handle best is a more manageable 12-15 inches in length. Still flippable when I want to be flirty… but a much more reasonable length that perhaps works for any age and face shape. We are loving the Veronica by Envy. The special feature we want to brag about is that it is a blend of both human hair and synthetic hair. While this does make it pricier… what you get is the best of both synthetic hair benefits and human hair benefits. The result: a lighter more vibrant color style that holds your style a bit longer than just a human hair wig (thanks to the synthetic hair) and a much more natural look, bounce and feel of the human hair. It’s like human hair and synthetic hair wigs had a baby and that baby is Amazing!


Veronica by Envy

Veronica by Envy


Long Bob – LOB Love!


The long bob is everywhere and for a good reason! It is one of the most flattering styles any woman can try. If you are looking to go out of your comfort zone to explore a new look… try a lob as it will likely work for you. This is easy to love;) One of our favorites is the Jackson by Noriko. This wig is synthetic, cool and very affordable. No reason not to give this one a spin!


Jackson by Noriko

Jackson by Noriko


Summer Shorts


We would be remiss if we did not include a haute summer short style as this is the perfect time to go short! When it comes to a new wig or even a new haircut for your own bio hair, short hair just feels so cool and sassy. We are loving the New Ellen Wille Score which is a beautiful layered short hair cut that is sure to flatter most any face shape! It is quickly becoming a crowd favorite!


Score by Ellen Wille

Score by Ellen Wille

There you have it. Your Haute Summer Looks for 2018! Imagine yourself sporting a new look. You cant go wrong with any of these looks, but feel confident in knowing that the hot looks right now are diverse and allow you to choose what works for you instead of making yourself fit in to what the trend dictates. If you own it… you will look Haute!

Which summer styles are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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