Tis The Season For Two Toned Wigs!

Tis The Season For Two Toned Wigs!

Two-toned hair is all about expressing yourself and customizing your hair to represent your personality and unique style.

With two-toned hairstyles, you generally want to pick two colors of complementary tones that highly contrast in color. With two toned dyes on your natural hair, maintenance can be a pain—but if you’re eyeing a two-toned synthetic wig, your chosen colors will be wowing your friends and family all winter long, no special care required. Read on to learn more about why the two-toned color trend is right for you!

Highlight Your Best Features

When it’s wet, snowy, and dark most of the day, you need a hairstyle that will draw people’s attention and make you excited to walk to work in the winter cold. Two-toned hair is perfect for making a statement while also flattering and enhancing your natural look.

If you want to highlight your eyes or distract from a wide forehead, channel your inner Ariana Grande and don Hairdo’s Splash Pony! You can even experiment with this wig’s wide variety of wrap-around color comb attachments to see which shade best complements your skin tone. 

Be Bold

Two-toned hairstyles allow you to express your personality and creativity! And if you are looking for something truly bold, hairdo’s synthetic wig Arctic Melt is the way to go. Arctic Melt’s beautiful ombre blend of cool blue and purple tones perfectly fits the cold, snowy feeling of the season, and will have you turning heads all winter long.

This synthetic ombre wig is also heat-friendly, so enjoy re-styling this wig (heat tools set at at 270° F - 280° F) to personalize your style! 

Be Subtle

If bold and vibrant hair colors aren’t for you, you can still enjoy the two-toned look. Wigs like the synthetic lace front wig Rylee by Renee of Paris offer a more subtle and versatile take on the trend. Rylee’s eye-catching gold curls evoke a natural glow and help highlight your skin tone, and the unique honeycomb-brown color definitely makes a statement without being flashy.


Rylee’s long, loose layers also suit both professional and personal environments—meaning you can absolutely wear this wig to a business meeting or for an Instagram photo session in the falling snow!

Start The Next Trend!

With two-toned hairstyles, there aren’t any set rules. You can have any color of bangs, layers, ends, roots—whatever look you’ve been imagining, you can have! You could even combine the two-tone style with another new hair trend, like the chic Rene of Paris wig Bennett. If you have a human hair or synthetic wig, you have endless coloring options (without the fear of being stuck with a bad dye job).

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