What Is A Lace Front Wig?

AUGUST 16, 2021


Lace Front Cap Construction

At Wigs.com, we strive to provide the highest quality alternative hair education so that our clients can choose the best option for them. As the Experts, we are here to answer your burning questions about lace front wigs, what makes lace front wigs different, and who is the ideal lace front wig wearer!

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What does lace wigs mean?

When you explore lace front wigs, you'll discover they are called various names, including lace wigs, front lace wigs, and lace frontal wigs. Designed to mimic a natural hairline, the lace at the front of these wigs provides added realism to your style and looks most natural when it blends with your skin tone. Keep in mind that this feature means that there is only lace at the front. So, you will only get the blending effect at your forehead and 2” - 3” behind the hairline. Some lace front wigs have lace materials down the part, but we recommend monofilament wigs if you want the hair growth illusion throughout the top of the head. Shop 100% hand-tied wigs.

What is the difference between a lace front wig and a regular wig?

A lace front wig is a wig that has hairs that are individually hand-tied into a thin, nearly invisible lace material at the front hairline. This feature results in a very natural-looking hairline because it gives the illusion that the hairs are growing right from the scalp.

An ear-to-ear lace front wig features a thin lace film that extends from ear to ear to create the appearance of a more natural hairline across the entire front of the face. 

Wig caps in a lace front wig vs. a regular wig?

A regular wig is also called a basic cap wig. A basic cap wig is a wig where the hair wefts are sewn to the entire cap. The front “hairline” will have a seam or blunt edge that makes the hair look like it starts abruptly. A regular wig is the most cost-effective wig option because it does not have any premium features.

What does a lace front wig do?

A lace front wig gives the appearance that the hair is growing right out of the scalp. The lace front feature is key to a natural-looking hairline and is available in synthetic and human hair wigs. The wig wearer has the freedom to wear the hair off the face without feeling like the hair will look unnatural.

How much does a lace front wig cost?

Because a lace front is a premium quality feature, there is an increased cost associated with these lace wigs. However, the most significant cost indicator for lace front wigs is the fiber type of the wig. Synthetic wigs are more cost-effective than human hair wigs, but you can easily find a lace front wig in your price range, particularly when buying from a reputable seller like Wigs.com.

Synthetic lace front wigs price ranges from $200 - $500 depending on the hair length and other premium features included in the cap construction. Human hair lace front wigs cost around $800 - $2,500.

How long do lace front wigs last?

With all wigs, the lifespan is determined by the wig’s hair fiber. Synthetic lace front wigs can last for up to six months with proper care. Lace front human hair wigs can last up to 1+ years with proper cleansing, maintenance, and styling routine! To extend the life of your lace front wigs, we recommend that you have 2 wigs to wear in rotation at all times. Having multiple wigs also helps with your wash routine since you can always have 1 clean wig available in case of weather or personal inconveniences.

Can anyone wear a lace front wig?

Yes, anyone can wear a lace front wig! At Wigs.com, we carry ready-to-wear lace front wigs to simplify the wig wearing process. No lace wig trimming is needed, nor glue or tape adhesives to feel secure! It’s important to remember that this feature is made of delicate materials that need to be treated gently. Do not pull or tug on the material when applying, adjusting, and removing your wig. Excessive pulling can cause the material to warp.

Can you shower with a lace front wig?

NO. Do not shower with a lace front wig on your head. You risk warping and stretching the delicate materials. We recommend washing your wig in the sink or bathtub using lukewarm water only and clean wig care products.

A proper care and cleansing routine are crucial for lace front wigs. Sweat, oils, and odors will collect in the delicate materials, so it is important to cleanse the area carefully. Remember, hot water can warp the materials and cause the lace front to not lay flat against the hairline. Learn more about caring for your lace front wig here.

Why are lace front wigs bad?

The most common reasons why some people might have issues with lace front wigs are:

- Sensitive scalp issues
- Incorrect wig size
- Improper adhesive application and removal

Those going through chemotherapy or any strong medication may develop a sensitive scalp. Because of this, any rough material may cause the wearer extreme discomfort. However, most lace wigs are made with soft lace materials that do not irritate the scalp. For any medical wig wearers, the experts recommend a medical wig designed for sensitive scalps. 

Sizing & Application

Wearing the wrong wig size can affect the entire wig-wearing experience. A wig that is too small can pull on your biological hair and cause damage to your hairline. Subsequently, if your wig is too big, the lace front hairline can buckle and poke the scalp. The right wig size can make all the difference. Learn how to measure for wigs here.

Some wig wearers like to use adhesives to feel extra secure in their wig. Improper use of glue or tape adhesives can cause real damage to the hair. Some quick tips:

- DO NOT apply tape or glue directly on top of your biological hair.
- NEVER try to pull off your wig if you haven’t loosened the adhesive first.
Learn more about securing your wig and removing adhesive tape and glue here.

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