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How To Secure Your Wig

Posted on September 02 2019

Wig tape is incredibly versatile! From wrapping presents to holding parts of a dress in place, plenty of people use it for objects and activities other than wigs. But how do you go about applying wig tape that's long lasting and correctly placed?

How To Make Wig Tape Last

Follow these simple dos and don’ts to successfully apply wig tape every time you wear a wig!

Do: Clean Your Hairline!

To avoid clogging your pores, make sure to:

● Carefully wash your hair. Soap, dirt, oil, and general grime could all make your scalp itchy and uncomfortable under your wig.

● Blow or towel dry your hair. A wet head of hair underneath a wig is just asking for discomfort (not to mention the potential damage to both your wig and your biological hair!).

● Remove any makeup. As with your hair, makeup can weaken adhesives. You could also experience a few nasty pimples if you aren’t careful about wiping off your foundation! Wipe rubbing alcohol along the skin near your hairline to ensure you remove any and all makeup and natural oils.

Don’t: Apply Tape Randomly

Ideally, wig tape should always overlap to ensure a snug, seamless fit. While wig tape does take some time to apply, it’s only worth applying if you take the time to do it right. If you’re using a lace front wig, you can apply the tape to the inside of the lace front wig first. Wig tape is double sided, so simply peel and firmly apply one side. You want to make sure it fully adheres to the lace. And don’t get stingy with the tape! You can fully encircle the front, back, and sides of your head for extra security. Once you’re done, you can start applying it to your head!

How To Remove Wig Tape

Do: Protect Your Scalp (And Hair!)

Wig tape can damage your scalp and biological hair if you aren’t careful. Always do everything you can to protect your scalp: apply a scalp protector and pin or gel back any of your shorter hairs at your hairline to ensure they aren’t caught by the tape. Wig tape is designed to last - removing the tape can become pretty painful if you aren’t careful about pushing back your hair during the tape application process (just imagine pulling off the worst kind of band-aid). If you’re really struggling to push back some fine strands, apply a dab of baby oil to prevent adhesion!

Don’t: Peel The Tape Until You’re Ready

If you were purposeful in how you first placed the tape on the wig, this part should be easy. Just remember: you can adjust the wig as much as you like on your scalp! And as excited as you may be to finish the process and get going, try to take your time while placing the wig on your head. The wig should be placed just under your hairline. Make sure you like the angle of the wig and that your chosen placement will be comfortable throughout your day. Be careful when you remove each tape piece, too. You don’t want to pull the rest of the wig into an awkward position!

Watch our video below for more help:


  • dellahshair: December 11, 2019

    You described very well about wig adjustments. The way you provide all basic info about wig tapes is very understandable. I appreciate your knowledge!

  • Loving Life: October 28, 2019

    My favorite ways to apply my wig (for removal every night)— A). A wide elastic band (known as the “Elastic Band Method” on YouTube). For even more security and to make my lace-front look even more realistic: B). A couple of squirts of hairspray across my upper forehead/scalp. A damp washcloth dabbed across this area will easily loosen the wig at night. Although I’ve never had a problem, if you’re concerned about damaging your lace, wig hairspray will also work, though it isn’t as secure.

  • The Wig Experts: October 01, 2019

    Hi Vivian,

    You can shop our selection of tapes and adhesives here:

  • Maryanne Holms: October 01, 2019

    This information is great if you happen to be anyplace with high winds, like Vegas, to keep your wig in place. Applying wig tape to the front is a must for me. A tip: I buy 1×3″ tape and cut it to 1/2 x3" strips and works just fine. Be sure to prep your area with alcohol first.

  • jaye: October 01, 2019

    This information is much needed. Thank you . It is not enough to just sell wigs , most of us need this information from the experts that sell them.

  • Vivian (HOME PHONE): October 01, 2019

    Do you all sell wig tapes and wigs ? And how do you go about buying them

  • JerriGsrofalo: September 09, 2019

    Good advice is always welcomed, especially to those of us who are new to the world of wigs. After going thru a number of Articles here on wig “how tos” like thIs one on the proper use of wig tape, I know I would have otherwise wasted and miss used the stuff. Worse yet is the likelihood of causing damage to my wig or myself.

    . I am finding so much good advice and help here on the sight along with an excellent assortment of good wigs. And the phone operators have also been wonderful to. With so many places to buy wigs and wig products today, I am so glad I’ve chosen for my go to place.

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