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More Than Hair | Stories & Resources about Hair Loss

Hair Loss More Than Hair

Hair loss comes in many different forms, but as women, it affects us all the same way. While hair is a significant part of our identities, we are all more than just hair. We want to show our community that hair loss is not only about loss but also about growth, strength, resilience, perseverance and so much more. From August - October 2020, Wigs.com showed our support for hair loss organizations by advocating for and bringing awareness to the following initiatives.

Hair Loss Awareness Breastcancer.org

Hair Loss Awareness

During August, we asked our clients to share their hair loss journeys with our community. Our clients let us into their lives by detailing their experience joining the hair loss community and providing tips for how to feel confident in wigs! We received amazing stories that you can read below!



Cause of Hair Loss: Breast Cancer

Julie's Story: Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2008 after a routine mammogram when she was 42. She had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. Her faith and trust in God were an integral part of her journey.

"I knew before my treatment, during and continue to believe now that God is in control. I knew that whatever I went through, He was with me and would get me through it. That didn't make it easier, but I had a peace knowing that I wasn't alone. My friends and family were supportive and I knew that they were praying for me also.” Read more of Julie's Story



Lisa's Story:"I've been struggling with hair loss since 2003. For many years I would lose patches, have them treated, and then lose more. I finally suffered total hair loss in 2017 and started wearing wigs. Wigs have literally made me whole again! It took me a few tries to find the styles that I prefer, but now I have an eye for those styles! I've also gotten braver and love to try styles that aren't like any hairstyle I've had in the past! I would encourage anyone to do the same! It’s great to have so many hairstyle/color options! Have fun with it and enjoy!" -Lisa (@brunettewigplace on Instagram)



Cause of Hair Loss: Lichen Planopilaris / frontal fibrosing alopecia

Sherri's Story: "Five years ago, I noticed that my hair was thinning, but being in my early 60's, I chalked it up to aging. Then, I would develop a bumpy, itchy rash along my hairline. I also chalked that up to the hair dye my hair dresser used on my hair. This condition continued for the next five years until I realized that my hairline was rapidly moving back when I saw a photo of myself. I was shocked and scheduled a visit to my doctor. He referred me to a dermatologist who after a scalp biopsy diagnosed me with LLP/FFA. I had never heard of this autoimmune disease and started researching. My dermatologist prescribed medication but explained that my hair would not grow back in the balding areas. It took several months to come to grips with my new reality, and after finding a wonderful online support group, I started exploring my options. I decided my best option was wearing wigs. Thank goodness that the wigs today are beautiful and so realistic. I watched hours and hours of YouTube videos of wig reviews and researched online wig companies. I felt comfortable trying Wigs.com because of the great reviews, huge inventory, great customer service (only a call away) and their fair return policy. I have not been disappointed. I really appreciate that I can call and speak to a knowledgeable representative. I am enjoying my growing collection of wigs and look forward to each new day."

Sherri's Tips: If you notice thinning hair or unusual rashes along your hairline, run don't walk to your doctor. The sooner you have a diagnosis the more hair you may hold onto.

Want to share your hair loss story or provide tips and advice to those experiencing hair loss? Click the bar below!

September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month. To show our support for this cause, Wigs.com partnered with National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) to support those affected by hair loss and provide an environment that encourages conversation, education, and awareness. We set a goal to fundraise $4,000 for this organization, and we’re proud to announce that we raised over $4,700 for NAAF! This organization has so many amazing initiatives – from youth mentor support to legislative action - and Wigs.com is honored to support this non-profit.


For the past two years, we've partnered with Breastcancer.org in order to raise awareness, educate our communities, and fundraise for this organization. Our partnership goal has been to raise $100,000 for BreastCancer.org; To date, Wigs.com has raised over $89,425.45. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we highlighted this incredible non-profit organization and urged our clients to help meet our goal! This initiative is to help support this organization’s mission, which is to provide accurate and up-to-date medical information about breast cancer as well as provide a supportive community to those touched by this illness.

At Wigs.com, we pride ourselves on being an outlet for those affected by hair loss to share their stories with their community. See our Stories of Hope series below and meet our Hair Loss Scholarship recipients to get some insight into their hair loss journeys. Along with this, Wigs.com focuses on providing education material for all things alternative hair - from how to pick a wig color to how to pay for it through insurance. Check out our stories & resources below!

Exclusive to Wigs.com, our Stories of hope video series highlights some amazing women and shares their journey through wearable hair - stories of tragedy, triumph, passion or fashion. What they all have in common is that wigs have made them feel confident and beautiful. Designer of hairpieces, Teresa details her desire to create functional hair pieces for those experiencing hair loss after she went through breast cancer herself. Learn more about her journey below!

Our clients and their hair loss journeys inspire us every day and are the reason why we are so passionate about creating a community of support and education about wigs, hair care, and hair loss. One of the ways we are living out our mission is by creating a $1,000 scholarship award for incoming and current college students who have experienced any form of hair loss. Created in 2019, we've received dozens of incredible applications with deeply insightful stories about hair loss and the ways it has influenced these applicants' lives and aspirations. Click the link below to meet our scholarship recipients!

Many people in need of alternative hair for medical reasons don’t know that their insurance plan could cover the cost of a wig. With the help of insurance representatives, we’ve compiled a complete guide to navigating insurance for wigs including all the steps needed to have your wig covered by insurance. Learn more by clicking the link below!

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Did you know Wigs.com has an extensive video library explaining all things alternative hair? Well, now you do! We cover everything from choosing a style for your face shape to styling human hair wigs. Check out our library by clicking the link below.

Throughout the year, we highlight hair loss stories, provide educational resources, and support donation initiatives to various non-profit organizations. Make sure to subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media to receive extra updates!

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