What is the Most Comfortable Wig to Wear: The Ultimate Guide

January 3rd, 2024

Getting Started
When you step into the world of wigs, the process for finding the most comfortable wig to wear is a pursuit many people share. Whether you're experiencing hair loss or looking to switch up your look, finding the right wig is key. 
 Wigs are often stereotyped to be stiff, itchy, and uncomfortable to wear. While experienced wig wearers know tips and tricks to alleviate the discomfort of wig, many of those starting out might struggle with their wigs. Thankfully, wigs have evolved over the last couple of decades to be more comfortable. When purchasing a wig, you need to take into consideration what the wigs are made out of, how the cap is designed, if there are any adjustment features, and what you need to do to prepare your head for your wig. 
So, let's dig into what is the most comfortable wig to wear! 
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Factors Affecting Wig Comfort 

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Materials Make a Difference 

Finding a comfortable wig to wear doesn't have to be a daunting task. There are several factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a wig that's ideal for long-term wear. 
When you’re looking for the most comfortable wig to wear, the first step is to select a wig that is made from high-quality materials. Premium synthetic hair will feel the most like real hair, and, unlike cheap synthetic fibers, they won't feel like a cactus pricking your skin.
Human hair wigs feel soft against the skin, and even though it comes with a higher price tag, comfort combined with realism are what make it an unbeatable combination.
While you may ask yourself, which is better then: synthetic fiber or human hair? The answer is both. Whichever fiber you like better is the best one for you. 

Cap Construction: Finding the Ideal Base

Cap or base materials have a lot to do with how comfortable a wig can be as well. Monofilament and hand tied wigs make up some of the most popular choices because they're not only comfortable but each strand of hair is individually tied to either the top or entirety of the wig, giving the appearance of natural scalp. 
an example of a monofilament top wig
***Please Note: It’s important to remember that not all hand tied wigs (bottom image) are monofilament wigs (top image). Monofilament just refers to the type of material a cap is designed with. 

Monofilament Wigs

A cap constructed with monofilament is made with sheer mesh fabric that allows the color of your own scalp to show through the fibers tied to the top of the wig. This feature makes a wig look more natural. These wigs have the hair either sewn or tied in sections into the top portion of the cap where they are then hand tied and knotted individually. This allows each of the tied hairs to be parted and brushed in any direction.
While monofilament wigs have different types, the most comfortable are the monofilament top and the double monofilament. 
  • Monofilament top is where the entire top of the cap is made with monofilament and the hair has been attached to the material

  • Double monofilament is when there is another layer of monofilament that helps cushion the scalp from the knots of the hair that's tied on. Perfect for those with scalp sensitivity.

An example of a hand tied wig

Hand Tied Wigs

Hand tied wigs create the appearance of natural hair growing through the scalp. The top of the cap is designed with mesh that either has human hair or synthetic fiber hand tied into the material. 
Hand tied wigs are a great choice for those who are experiencing hair loss or have sensitive scalps due to how the hairs are knotted into the material. The hand tied hair is less likely to poke the skin and feels softer against the scalp.

Size and Fit: The Key to All-Day Comfort

The most comfortable wig to wear is the one that fits the best. Remember, no matter which type of wig you choose, always make sure you're wearing the correct size. Too large or small can lead to discomfort. Make sure you are measuring your head carefully, so you can pick your correct wig size. An ill-fitting wig not only is uncomfortable but can lead to the wig slipping and pressure migraines. Please check out our video where Roxie shows you how to properly measure your head for a wig.
Additional help
If you find that your wig is still not fitting just right, there are a few features that can help give you a more secure fit. For example, if you find that your head measurements fall in-between sizes, a fully hand tied wig is a great option. The stretchy mesh of this design creates a soft and secure fit. Additionally, look for a wig with adjustable straps or velcro closure to help adjust the size. 

If you’re looking for a little more security or your wig does not have adjustable straps, try wig tape or wig adhesive. These products are designed to safely adhere the wig to your scalp to prevent slipping.

You can even try a wig band. It’s like a headband that you wear under a wig. This product is designed to help keep the wig secure and comfortable on the wearer’s head.

Wig Comfort Enhancements

When you wear a wig, it can make your head feel hot and sweaty, especially during the summer. To help prevent this, you should invest in a basic cap wig or wear wig liners made with mesh or nylon to help keep your scalp cool. 
An example of a basic cap (or capless) wig

Basic Cap Wigs: 

Staying Cool All Day

A basic wig cap, or a capless wig, is more breathable than most wigs. This fact is due to the cap construction. The caps are designed by sewing sections of hair, also known as wefts, into a thin elastic material. 
These wefts feel less dense and create more open space, allowing air to flow directly to your scalp. This breathable design comes in handy, especially in warmer climates and during the summer season.
Model is wearing Secure Softie Wig Liner by Jon Renau

Cushioned Comfort: The Role of Wig Liners

Wig caps or liners are key for comfortable wig-wearing as it creates a barrier between your head and your wig. Mesh and nylon wig caps help keep your natural hair tucked away while preventing your wig from slipping. 
There are also some wig liners that are designed to wick away sweat under wigs. What’s cool about wig liners is that they are disguised under your wig while keeping your head dry. 
Whether you're dealing with hair loss, looking to experiment with different looks, or making a fashion statement, a comfortable fitting wig is the most important part of your outfit. As we conclude this exploration on what is the most comfortable wig to wear, it's imperative to keep in mind what your preference is and what you prioritize most in a wig - be it a secure fit, breathability, or a realistic look. 

With the right fit and quality design, you can find a wig that offers maximum comfort so you can look and feel your best.

FAQs: What You Need to Know About the Most Comfortable Wig to Wear

What is the most comfortable wig material? 

It’s all about preference. High quality synthetic hair is soft and mimics the look and feel of bio hair. Human hair is naturally soft and automatically feels like your natural hair. 

Can I sleep with my wig on for added comfort?

While you can sleep in your wig, we recommend getting a “sleep wig.” Sleeping in a wig can potentially damage it, especially if you move around in your sleep.

How do I relieve itchiness while wearing a wig?

There are several ways you can help eliminate itchiness from wigs.

  • Hand tied wigs are a great option as the hairs are individually tied into the material to prevent poking, which generally irritates the skin. 

  • Wigs with a double monofilament top have an extra layer of mesh that helps protect the scalp from the cap.

  • Wearing a wig liner or cap protects the scalp from the wig.

Are there specific wigs for sensitive scalps?

100% hand tied and double monofilament top wigs are great options for those with sensitive scalps. Both types of wigs feel extremely lightweight against the skin and are more softer and comfortable than traditional wigs. 

Can I adjust the size of my wig for a more comfortable fit?

If you want to adjust the size of your wig, make sure it comes with adjustable straps or velcro closure. Not all wigs have these features, so make sure your wig has either of these characteristics before you purchase one.